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Introducing solid foods is an important milestone in a baby's development. It's when they begin to try new flavors and textures, and learn to eat independently. This process can be a bit stressful for parents, as they don't always know how to do it... Leer Mas
Traveling with a baby can be a wonderful experience, but it can also be a challenge. Babies have different needs than adults, and there are many factors to consider to make the trip comfortable and enjoyable for everyone. In this article, we will... Leer Mas
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We are not exempt from making mistakes when it comes to  fashion  but we can avoid some ‘crimes’ that can cause us some embarrassing moment or ‘faux pas’ in this matter. Here is a list of the most common sins: Not wearing clothes in our size.... Leer Mas
Didn't you think we could link these two wonders? Well, yes, they can be linked and in fact it can be very productive to do so! When talking about fashion in Astrology there are two issues we can analyse: The historical evolution of... Leer Mas
A return to optimism After two years of pandemic, where fashion was relegated to the most absolute state of comfort and athleisure to be at home, the catwalks seem to be flooded with a more moderate optimism, so the trends will be towards a closet... Leer Mas
You have probably thought that environmental changes are the sole and exclusive responsibility of companies related to the oil, electronics or mining sectors. However, this problem includes all those companies that produce goods and services on a massive... Leer Mas
We know that making a good impression in a job interview, regardless of the branch or industry, is key. Beyond following fashion trends, the important thing here is to look professional, wear clothes of our size, perfectly pressed, clean and that... Leer Mas
Fashion is not only an important issue for them, men are increasingly involved in making decisions about their appearance and gradually impose their aesthetic criteria, not in vain metrosexuality was the gateway for many men to stop thinking about ‘what... Leer Mas
It is a fact, the catwalks and fashion serve to position messages, give something to talk about, generate social debates, so it is not an industry that turns a blind eye to the problems of the moment. In the last few weeks at the MET GALA there was a stir... Leer Mas
Let’s break the myth, not everything maternal or prematernal, should have a place in your closet or closet, being pregnant does not necessarily mean changing your style, but rather prioritize materials above all. If you usually wear dresses and skirts,... Leer Mas
While the saying goes that fashion is what suits you, it is true that we all want to a greater or lesser extent to follow trends and be in tune with what happens on the catwalks, on social networks and in magazines, however it is time to use good taste and... Leer Mas
Fashion used to be much more rigid and was governed by very clear rules: never mix brown and black, avoid combining prints, do not include more than two textures, animal print was only for the daring and so on ad infinitum until, in recent years, with the... Leer Mas
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As we start 2022, we can already see the shoe trends coming this year, those shoes that will be on the feet of every celebrity, model and those who keep up with fashion. So, if you don’t want to be left behind, read on to find out which shoes you can’t... Leer Mas
Fashion has always been a microcosm of culture and is important economically, politically, and otherwise. Whatever is in fashion, it always speaks of a comprehensive social trend. For many, the pandemic has raised the public’s reputation for basic and... Leer Mas
Denim is one of the most popular clothes in the world. Goto’s clothing for a variety of social and professional situations. Comfort, durability, and great styling make denim a favorite of all generations. Denim was timeless from the beginning. It doesn’t... Leer Mas
Just as it is important to choose clothes well and to choose stylish clothes, accessories that match the clothes are also important, right? Well, accessories are absolutely necessary to look classy and elegant with matching clothes. Equally important is... Leer Mas
It’s great when you receive a wedding invitation. You can wash your wardrobe for your best fashion and dust them off for a big day, but then a dilemma arises (as always) and you do it Before you know, you reduced the list of 15 dresses to 2, but they are... Leer Mas
The tote bag is one of the unpredictable items that can’t be missing in your  closet . Some bags of this style are made of leather and others of cotton ideal for the office, outing with friends, or a casual outing. Regardless of the color, a tote bag... Leer Mas
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As the length of the day increases and the warmth rises, the only thing on my mind is having as much fun as possible in the shortest amount of time, whether going on a beach vacation somewhere exotic or simply reclining. Along with this idea comes the... Leer Mas
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The act of packing causes headaches for a lot of people. I got it. It can be challenging to keep track of everything that you need to bring along with you, and the last thing you want to do is forget something extremely vital while you are in a location... Leer Mas
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As a mother, you never leave home without your trusty  BABY STROLLER BAG . That’s why it constantly comes up at number one on lists of baby necessities like the receiving blanket. There’s no denying the difficulty of pregnancy and childbirth. Bringing kids... Leer Mas
Did you know that babywearing is the oldest way to transport your baby from one place to another? Just make sure you do it ergonomically. Babywearing allows you to carry your baby without having... Leer Mas
Although for some people, babywearing is not very well regarded, because they think that carrying a baby in this way is deforming or atrophying the baby’s body. We recognize that babywearing is a way of carrying a baby that offers countless benefits to the... Leer Mas
In recent years, not a day goes by that some media outlet does not talk about the inequality between men and women, both economically and socially And of the need, almost obligation, to empower women economically. And what is this empowerment?... Leer Mas
When we make any kind of investment in our life, be it a house, a car, a sofa, we dedicate time and effort, we try to make it the best choice, because at the end of the day our money is at stake. If we take into account that the above is... Leer Mas
When we talk about self-love, we usually confuse it with self-esteem. Although they have a lot of relationship, the main difference is that self-esteem is the perception that one has of oneself, implies a more mental or rational aspect, while self-love... Leer Mas
AND WHAT ABOUT US… The figure of women in the world of architecture. From the beginning of history, women were involved in the creation of their own habitat. In prehistoric times they played a fundamental role in the conditioning of the caves, so much... Leer Mas
When the big news of pregnancy arrives, we start trying to guess what the next 9 months will be like: how the baby will develop, how the body will change and, above all, what the delivery will be like. With the intention that everything will go as well... Leer Mas
Jobs are being affected across the board, but opportunities are still being created. Technological advances are making a major contribution to our daily lives. Due to the pandemic, many sectors have had to reinvent themselves and make their way onto... Leer Mas
¿Qué es y para qué sirve el método Pilates? La técnica Pilates debe su nombre a su creador, Joseph Hubertus Pilates, nacido en el 1883. El Pilates es una disciplina de entrenamiento físico en el que los focos principales son sanear la postura de las... Leer Mas
We know that nothing looks better than a tanned, golden and glowing skin that makes you look like a celebrity just arrived from a paradisiacal destination, however there are certain cares that we must follow, among them exfoliation. Surely at this point... Leer Mas
To talk about this practice that every day gains more followers, after knowing its infinite benefits, some proven by science, let’s start by making a definition of it. Meditation is a series of techniques that make use of the mind, senses and body of the... Leer Mas
Women have a very close relationship with their hair, given that it is the part in charge of framing the face and automatically giving them a lifting, rejuvenating and flattering effect. A bad haircut can age them, make them look tired, dowdy or... Leer Mas
It is true that the most important thing is the emotional well-being and health of the person; but, seeing yourself in front of the mirror and looking beautiful, makes our happiness endorphins soar and we feel good. And if we take care of our skin with... Leer Mas
If there’s one thing we all want to achieve with our makeup, it’s to make it look like it’s not even there, and that’s why the natural makeup trend has been around for several years now. But naturally, it’s much easier said than done, because it’s not... Leer Mas
¿Me preguntas cómo es una mujer exitosa? Es una buena pregunta, muchas personas tienen una visión errada de lo que eso significa porque creen que una mujer exitosa es alguien cuya vida ha sido un mar de flores, colorida, agradable y con todo... Leer Mas
Women, on our way to freedom, have won many battles. Step by step. Without haste, but without pause, we have been able to conquer our freedom of choice and our freedom of expression and action: today we can choose without ties what we want to do with our... Leer Mas
Empower From en- and power 2. tr. To make a disadvantaged individual or social group powerful or strong. U. t. c. prnl. tr. To give someone authority, influence, or knowledge to do something. U. t. c. prnl. When I am offered the... Leer Mas
Choosing a perfume that is perfect can be an almost impossible challenge, with so many choices on the market, for different seasons, lifestyles and personalities, but there is one aspect that may become more important when choosing a perfume for you, and... Leer Mas
How true can it be that the world needs more women leaders and why? Throughout my life and career as a professional and entrepreneur I have had the opportunity to experience different points of view and live in different places and cultures that have... Leer Mas
Just starting the year is the best time to look for a change of look, and what better way to do it than with the trends that are coming in 2022. Even though we’ve only set foot in 2022, all the new hair fashions that will be filling the salons are already... Leer Mas
Women have long been oppressed and experienced several  inequities  across the world. Reading books published by critical thinkers from many countries, locations, and eras in history are one of the most acceptable methods for a woman to build strength,... Leer Mas
To take care of oneself, one must first take care of oneself And that is what the Moon in the Natal Chart is all about: how to take care of ourselves, how to nurture ourselves and feel sheltered. In the Natal Chart we can see different “planets” and... Leer Mas
The perfect gift for parents-to-be is a  BABY CARRIER   because it is an excellent idea. We give gifts to one another for various reasons, and each one reflects the giver, the recipient, and the special bond between them. Giving someone a present is a... Leer Mas
You do not even have to remember how terrible 2020 and 2021 was, and how the new year feels the same-at least for now. But in the spring of 2022, the new hairstyle is a way to break the monotony, pamper in a small self-care, and get ready for a bright day.... Leer Mas
This season, many spring manicure styles are in fashion, from pastel hues to floral decals and ombre patterns. Try one of the following spring nail styles in the comfort of your own home! You can officially bring your cherished skirt suits,  cardigans ,... Leer Mas
We all know how important it is to have a good evening skincare regimen, but a good morning routine is just as important. Daytime skincare is all about protection and preservation, whereas nighttime skincare is all about addressing skin concerns before... Leer Mas
What does it take to have the most incredible skin you’ve ever had? Knowledge. Discipline. You must also be willing to go on your path. Put another way, just because your buddies are wearing beautiful sheet masks doesn’t mean you have to. While it would be... Leer Mas
Many skincare products, including skin creams and serums, include hyaluronic acid as a component. Hyaluronic acid is sometimes used on its own. However, does the presence of hyaluronic acid in so many skincare products imply that it is healthy for your... Leer Mas
Do you wish to protect your hair from being sun damaged this summer? However, just like it does to the skin, the scorching rays of the sun can cause harm to the strands of your hair. Your soft mane can be protected from the scorching heat by taking the... Leer Mas
As summer approaches, we are more conscious of the need to alter our daily rituals for beauty radically. And it is true that when it comes to our faces, we are not only more exposed to the sun’s rays and outdoor elements when we visit the beach or a... Leer Mas
During the summer, it is not difficult to remember that you need to protect your skin from the sun. There are advertisements in every imaginable, from printed publications to electronic gadgets with Internet access. Nevertheless, our hair is a potentially... Leer Mas
It’s essential to make the most of your weekend time since you know how limited it is. You’ve undoubtedly put in a whole week at the office with one goal: making the most of your weekend. However, by Sunday rolls around, the weekend’s excitement has... Leer Mas
Food all over the place, the baby totally stained and mom or dad thinking that food is being wasted..... For some the very idea causes terror and they consider that it should not be done, for others it can be a cause for laughter and fun, and many... Leer Mas
A child's room is his castle and safe place, because there not only sleep, but also play, live fantasies, draw, scratch, paint, let out their creativity and countless other things, so it is important to have a suitable place for it. The decoration of... Leer Mas
Undoubtedly, the secret of responsible parenting lies in the bond that should exist between mom and dad with the little ones. This bond is strengthened when they do different activities together and, by getting involved in the kids' activities and... Leer Mas
Undoubtedly bath time is an opportunity where bonding between parents and babies is strengthened, because it is an intimate moment where in addition to playing with water and soap, we can teach our little ones what are the parts of their body and indicate... Leer Mas
Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful and unforgettable stages of any woman, it is a 9-month race where hormonal, emotional and body changes are experienced. Feeling how another being is growing and forming inside the womb is one of the most... Leer Mas
Diapers, a common and fundamental topic when talking about hygiene and care required by a baby. Nowadays there are many man ufacturing brands that offer their products to parents looking for different features such as price, absorbency and quality of the... Leer Mas
When talking about babywearing we are not talking about something new, on the contrary, it is a technique that many generations grew up with, it was more common to see moms carrying and it was not common to see a dad carrying, but nowadays it is more... Leer Mas
The Christmas season is approaching, lights, colors, joy, sharing and celebration is what is in the air. The gift season arrives and for many this is not an easy task not knowing what to choose when buying gifts and if the gift is for a mom-to-be the task... Leer Mas
As parents we should not ignore how important sleep is for a baby, because just like us, babies need to sleep. If a baby does not follow a sleep routine and therefore does not get the necessary rest, as a consequence we will have an irritable, tired and... Leer Mas
For many years, different methods of positive parenting have been promoted, in which both the child and the mother feel comfortable, establishing secure attachment bonds and allowing the experience of development and growth to be the best for all.... Leer Mas
Parenthood is the most beautiful and unique experience that anyone can have, but it carries with it a great responsibility. You have to take care of feeding, changing diapers and many other things. You must carry a lot of things and not forget any of... Leer Mas
Raising a baby has always been synonymous with joy and happiness, the screaming and excitement of a newborn baby paints the atmosphere at home with colors, but it has also meant an enormous responsibility and dedication for their parents . But what... Leer Mas
With the arrival of the Fall / Winter season come the climatic changes, the days become colder and its duration is shortened, the wind takes over the environment and therefore we must prepare to make some changes and adapt to the season. As... Leer Mas
Learning to save is a healthy habit for children and is not only the bridge that will allow them to achieve a goal in a given time, but it is also the key to forming financially responsible, capable and bold individuals. With the premise that every... Leer Mas
This party is a celebration of life, a celebration that announces the proximity of the birth of a new member of the family, and both family and friends gather to entertain the baby and give the mother different items or elements that will be of great help... Leer Mas
Children love to be read stories, and this method of learning is essential for the healthy development of your little one, no matter how old they are it is never too early to start reading to them at ease with their blanket and pillow ready to listen!... Leer Mas
How many have not enjoyed watching a baby sleep? They are images that are tattooed in our minds and become unforgettable memories, and is that when it comes to babies sleep it does not take much effort. Many of us have enjoyed watching our little... Leer Mas
For many years the combination of babies and pets was not possible because it was thought that a pet would be harmful to the baby because pets were considered a source of contamination for the baby and due to this myth many gave away or simply discarded... Leer Mas
During the sweet wait, parents get ready to receive the little being that will fill their lives with joy, so be aware of the incredible ideas and tips to decorate the baby's room in order to give him the warmest and most effusive welcome. It is... Leer Mas
What a thrill back to school brings for parents and children, no one can resist celebrating this exciting event. The bell rings and everyone's nerves are on edge for the start of a new school year that looks set to be a success. A little preparation... Leer Mas
For some perhaps they are meaningless scribbles, others see it as a few lines and already, but it is much more than that, since the drawings of the little ones of the house are not simple lines or scribbles, they are the soul of the child embodied in... Leer Mas
The Montessori method, popularized in recent years for its high efficiency in the cognitive and sensory development of children, is a method that establishes certain guidelines for the work during the daily life of the child. Its main characteristic... Leer Mas
Perhaps you have never heard of baby signing, and it is a new tool for early communication with babies that has been implemented for a few decades, usually used before the baby's speech appears, establishing an ideal communication bridge for babies before... Leer Mas
There is nothing more gratifying than watching your child sleep, seeing them healthy during their rest is very reassuring, but if your little one snores there may be many things going on and you should know them right now, instead of worrying. The... Leer Mas
Ready to give the little ones a motivating, fun and enriching experience with an amazing back-to-school experience that builds confidence and allows them to successfully interact right from the start? Then let the adventure begin If you are... Leer Mas
Imagine that after a long wait, after hours of anxiety, last minute check-ups, anesthesia, probe, operating room, post-operative recovery, a few more hours of waiting and finally back home with your baby in your arms and a wound that barely lets you... Leer Mas
Childbirth is a time of many sensations for every woman, but some of them are usually: fear, anxiety, nerves for the unknown and of course the pain that in most cases accompany it. The accompaniment during childbirth is according to some studies in many... Leer Mas
Oral health is of vital importance for everyone, so from a very young age it is important to educate our kids in the great value of proper oral hygiene, and for this we must be very creative when forming habits of oral hygiene in our kids. But if... Leer Mas
When we talk about summer, we automatically associate it with days at the pool, beach, barbecues, walks, excursions or simply a relaxing day enjoying the outdoors, but all this is accompanied by the annoying mosquitoes that can become very annoying in... Leer Mas
Swimming pools are one of the favorite places when talking about moments of leisure and free time and for the little ones of the house is a place with a lot of fun if you have toys with which they can enjoy their stay in the pool, but what role of... Leer Mas
For some parents the use of a pacifier for their baby has been a cause of controversy since some consider it a bad decision while others consider it the best decision. Historically, since its creation, the pacifier has been a very useful complement for... Leer Mas
Alternative pedagogy is all the rage these days, and although Kumon is not a new learning method, it is spreading around the world due to the good results it offers. It is the Kumon method, a simple way to encourage school-age children to learn with the... Leer Mas
Many parents take special care so that their children do not get dirty when eating, however, getting dirty can be beneficial for the cognitive development of the little ones. This is because it leads to the formation of an independent individual, capable... Leer Mas
Many parents are often filled with dread at the impending challenge of facing a test for their little one, but it is natural for both parents and children to feel overwhelmed by the tension that can lead to doubt and uncertainty. However, this feeling of... Leer Mas
Children having fun and learning at the same time with the practice of DIY at home and at school is a magic formula that enriches their lives and only requires a small investment of time and inventiveness. It is incredible how much children's... Leer Mas
Children must reach during their growth stage an optimal adaptation to the environment that surrounds them, this can be reflected in how they play, communicate, learn and act. When these aspects are altered it may be due to hearing problems or pathologies... Leer Mas
Clinically detecting scoliosis in infants is the usual, but there are many parents who can notice it by observing the small anomalies in their child's body; it is not something obvious, it requires a little good eye, but if you have no idea how to detect... Leer Mas
In Spanish dramatics there are numerous terms and writing rules, which show the complexity of the Spanish language. When inquiring about the linguistic phenomena of the language, we can mention: laísmo and leísmo. The term laísmo is defined as a... Leer Mas
It doesn't get any happier than being in the sweet wait and then welcoming a child, but it can also become a bit stressful if parents are not prepared for such a special event. So if you are a new mom and dad you will find here the most important tips you... Leer Mas
Sow the seed of the new baby brother or sister in your child, water it with a lot of patience and make love germinate in your heart for this tender being that will become your life companion. Families sometimes face difficulties with the arrival of a... Leer Mas
Immersing babies in water from a very young age stimulates their sensory system, oxygenates their blood and activates their motor skills, but that's not all, swimming has many more benefits, let's see what it's all about. Swimming is one of the most... Leer Mas
Affective relationships at home are crucial to strengthen skills in children, so if your intention is to contribute to their personal development you must instill the mix of values that involves companionship. It is proper for children to support... Leer Mas
Like little sponges in the brain that expand and feed, bilingualism promotes brain plasticity in babies, which is nothing more than progressive stimulation for neuronal development, that is, in this case, to strengthen learning through constant interaction... Leer Mas
Surely you are dying of anxiety to discover how to communicate with your baby, seeing his face for the first time, besides being an incomparable emotion, it will also be gratifying to be able to understand him by deciphering his gestural language. Imagine... Leer Mas
In general, children scratch when they feel they have a pimple, some of them because of bites, do not tolerate the itching and scratch, but there is a percentage of children who may suffer from strong attacks known as Dermatilomania. It is the need... Leer Mas
Children learn very quickly everything they are taught, their way of understanding things is not the same way an adult understands. They learn from innocence, so they will believe in every word they are told. For example, if you tell a child that a... Leer Mas
Games to strengthen family unity. Family games are not only a lot of fun, it is proven that they establish bonds of family unity, being part of the best memories of our lives, where laughter, learning and healthy competition are present.... Leer Mas
Many times we ask ourselves how do some parents make sure that their children do not have problems when eating? Beyond this, the question arises: How can I get my children to eat fruits and vegetables? The answer is simple, a child will imitate the... Leer Mas
As important as it is to take care of the physical health of our children, it is also important to take care of their emotional health, so it is very important to teach them to develop what is now known as emotional intelligence which is nothing more than... Leer Mas
Are you on the lookout for searching for the perfect place to hold a kid's party? Then you have come to the right place. Whether you want to hold a lowkey party or a grand celebration, we have got you the list of the ten best venues for organizing kids'... Leer Mas
Education as part of the intellectual development of the child and adolescent in general terms could be said to encompass the cognitive part, the potential of our little ones goes beyond knowledge and homework. Over time it has been discovered that... Leer Mas
If you have ever heard a woman who has just given birth talk about the changes in her body and life, or have experienced it yourself, you have probably heard or felt that after giving birth, memory often fails more frequently. Many women report that... Leer Mas
It is very common for babies to have problems passing stools, and although it is usually dismissed as a simple intestinal constipation and home remedies are used to solve the problem, the truth is that there is another reason that may be behind the... Leer Mas
Being the only adult in charge of a child is a challenge that few are prepared for, but many are forced to face, with all the difficulties involved, often totally transforming the life of the mother or father. While the happiness and satisfaction... Leer Mas
Having school-age children can sometimes be a relentless battle, where as parents, that children do well in school can become a complicated task, because it is a constant dilemma between the responsibility and discipline you want to instill in them, and... Leer Mas
My baby has a rash Parenting is a job that no one is fully prepared for, and even if you've had children before, there are always new surprises along the way, so there's never a shortage of worries. One such common concern is rashes, those... Leer Mas
The sling, also called baby carrier or kangaroo, is a tool that is becoming more and more common among mothers of newborns, due to its great comfort, as well as the benefits there are for your baby. But despite all the advantages of using a sling, your... Leer Mas
Your baby's room is one of the most important spaces for him or her, where he or she will begin to develop their skills, to grow and stimulate their senses, so the decoration , the way you structure this room, is of utmost importance for the full... Leer Mas
Different customs are passed down from generation to generation without much questioning, and this is also true for the care and hygiene of the objects we use to feed our babies, such as bottles and nipples. Much is said about what to do in terms of... Leer Mas
In most cases, it is preferable for babies to be nourished through their mother's breast, but not all mothers can afford to breastfeed their babies, so bottle feeding is the only option. Maybe you made the decision early on to bottle feed your... Leer Mas
If your baby is developing his or her spoken language skills, you may have noticed occasional or constant stuttering, and naturally, you have concerns about it, since stuttering can become a speech disorder if it continues into adulthood. The... Leer Mas
So tiny, so helpless, so tender... Surely you have ever wanted to know what is going on in your baby's head when he or she gesticulates or makes an involuntary expression or movement, when you find him or her looking at a fixed point or at his or her hands... Leer Mas
Discipline and good behavior of the little ones are just some of the issues that concern parents, we often wonder if we are being strict or irrational, if we are cutting their freedoms too much or if on the contrary our child needs a little more character.... Leer Mas
You are probably wondering what are the characteristics of Generation Z, their interests, what occupies them and how to connect with your child if they are part of this generation born in the late 1990s - early 2000s. Teenagers or young adults, facing... Leer Mas
Nutrition and good nutrition of the little ones is a topic that occupies parents since we started to include complementary feeding, the need to provide them with the best nutrients and the healthiest options becomes a daily matter and sometimes when we... Leer Mas
We know that your child's bedtime is sacred and that a baby who sleeps peacefully grows and processes better, what he learned during the day, inside his brain. However, we are not exempt from tantrums and crying, making the process of putting them to... Leer Mas
Now that our baby has arrived in the world, we are convinced that the rides will not be long in coming, from the transfer home from the hospital to those first trips to the pediatrician, to visit the grandparents or on vacation, it is important that they... Leer Mas
The baby's skin is undoubtedly much more sensitive and delicate than that of adults and can suffer from different conditions, the most common being desquamation or eczema. Approximately 10% of babies present some type of atopic dermatitis at some point... Leer Mas
In an increasingly globalized and competitive world, it is key that, as parents, we can provide our children with the necessary tools to develop in the best possible way, so languages are one of the many skills that we can promote from an early age.... Leer Mas
Have you received the news of the arrival of a new member of the family? Congratulations, beautiful and unforgettable moments will come, such as the first time the eldest meets his or her little brother or sister. Although it is also natural that you are... Leer Mas
As adults we don't usually link depression with childhood, which could lead a child to feel depressed, we may ask ourselves, if all they do is have fun and learn new things, right? There are no big responsibilities, financial or relationship problems to... Leer Mas
If we take a look at the children around us, whether they are our children, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, what do they do most of the day? Children no longer go out to play and run free for hours as previous generations did, now they spend the whole day... Leer Mas
Although our common sense tells us that we should add an extra coat to our baby during cold days, it may not be the best decision, as babies take a few months to regulate their temperature as we adults do. Newborns can quickly gain or lose temperature,... Leer Mas
In general a sleep disorder refers to difficulties associated with sleeping, these can include problems falling asleep, staying asleep, and even oversleeping. Although in adults it is very easy to identify when a sleep disorder is present, it is also... Leer Mas
One of the most exciting moments for every mother after learning of the existence of a new life inside her womb, is when we feel for the first time the movement of our little one. This will occur between the 16th and 24th week of pregnancy, and will... Leer Mas
It is very common for our little ones to fall asleep in the car seat after a long day at the park or shopping. It is a moment of peace of mind for parents, as they can drive without worrying while the baby takes a nap.   But during the first months... Leer Mas
School bullying or bullying is a topic that sensitizes parents and teachers alike, generating concern especially when starting school, however, rarely have all the tools to explain to the small at their level that is this deep, painful and harmful topic.... Leer Mas
Traveling by car, either to transport the little ones for a short trip or when traveling from one city to another on weekends or vacations, is often an odyssey for parents. While the baby is small, he only wants to be held in his arms and when he grows up... Leer Mas
  Trypanophobia is the name given to this deep discomfort to needles, which causes sweating, palpitations, nausea, tremors, panic attacks, among other common symptoms.   For parents it is usually a real headache because there are vaccines,... Leer Mas
This is undoubtedly one of the most uncomfortable phases that most children go through at some point, along with the fear of going to the bathroom or the complicated period of 'I don't like that, I won't eat it' that makes more than one parent suffer.... Leer Mas
We are just a few days away from the end of the holidays ? And what better to celebrate with something sweet ? Christmas Tree: -Chocolate Cake (Brownie). -Small chocolates -Lacasitos -Red, green and yellow food coloring -Colored swirls. -Wooden... Leer Mas
December is the most beautiful time of the year to share with friends and family ? Today we want to share a delicious and fun recipe for the holidays! ??♥ ⛄ Marshmellow's Snowman: -Small chocolates -Marshmellows -Marshmellows... Leer Mas
As parents it is our responsibility that our children are healthy, strong, well fed and that they also develop in the best possible way, however there are times when the 'I don't want' of the little ones begins to gain ground especially at mealtime.... Leer Mas
All year long we look forward to the arrival of December, especially if we are Christmas fanatics. There is an atmosphere of love, peace, and good intentions in the air as soon as the holiday season begins. And if you are one of those people who also love... Leer Mas
Children's dandruff is something that, together with lice and nits, causes discomfort on the scalp of our little ones and it is something that we must observe very carefully. At the slightest sign of itching, wounds or 'snowflakes' on clothing, you should... Leer Mas
Christmas is a time when we want to give not only our good wishes and quality time to loved ones, it is also the perfect opportunity to give useful objects or experiences to those around us. And while it is usually simple to know what to give our partner... Leer Mas
The maxim "healthy mind in a healthy body" should be instilled in children from an early age and instill in them the habit of constant exercise and healthy eating should be in the method of upbringing we choose for them. With that in mind, let's talk about... Leer Mas
  Exclusive breastfeeding refers to the period of a baby's life between 0 and 6 months of age when he/she is fed only with breast milk, without any other solid or liquid supplement to accompany his/her diet.   Undoubtedly, this is the most... Leer Mas
The cold months are approaching, so one of the biggest doubts that parents have regarding their children's clothing is: will they be sufficiently protected, will I be over-dressing them, will I be over-dressing them?   So you don't have to worry... Leer Mas
Sleep during pregnancy is a common problem for those who are expecting the arrival of a new member of the family, and it can be the source of many concerns and doubts. There is, for example, a myth that sleeping too much during your pregnancy can be bad... Leer Mas
  The moment of delivery can be unexpected, and if you haven't prepared everything you need for your labor, the recovery period and all the time you will spend in the hospital, it can be difficult to do it on the spot without forgetting something.... Leer Mas
Every November 9th is celebrated as World Adoption Day, an act of love that teaches us that there are families born from the heart.     Today we would like to share with you the story of a family that teaches us the value of love and that adoption... Leer Mas
Today we share with you a super cool craft for the little ones Materials: - Paper roll - White colored paper - Black colored paper - Moving eyes - Glue - Black pen -Green paint - Sweets Steps: - Fold at the top... Leer Mas
  Materials: - 1 clothespin - Green colored paper - Pink paper - White colored paper - Glue -Black bowls      Steps: - Draw zombie on green paper - Draw brain on the pink paper - With the white paper cut a strip and... Leer Mas
What we need: -450gr Flour -140gr Sugar -200gr Butter -2 eggs -½ teaspoon salt -1 teaspoon vanilla -1 teaspoon baking powder -Food paint -Baking paper -Film (Transparent for preservation) -Cookie sheets -Cookie molds... Leer Mas
  Welcoming a new baby for the winter season can raise many questions about how to dress him or her and maintain proper body temperature. And as he grows up, it will continue to be a constant question every winter. Here's a little bit about a... Leer Mas
Childbirth is a long-awaited moment during pregnancy; it is the culmination of a nine-month process and the beginning of life as a mother. But we must know that not all births are the same, there are different methods to give birth and to alleviate... Leer Mas
Materials: - Leaves - White Paint - Black paint - Glitter paint (optional) - Paintbrush Steps to follow: - Paint the leaves white. - Let them dry. - You can paint glitter around the leaf for decoration (Optional). - Paint the eyes and... Leer Mas
Caramelized Apples! What we need: - 6 Apples - Wooden sticks - 300 grams of sugar - 150 milliliters of water - Half a lemon - 1 red coloring - Colored sprinkles Preparation: - Stick a wooden stick in the middle of... Leer Mas
We've all seen the serene image of a mother calmly breastfeeding while rocking her newborn and watching him or her tenderly, but is breastfeeding really like that?   The short answer is no.   Breastfeeding is a complicated process for many... Leer Mas
Halloween is coming to Jyoko and we have a few surprises for you to enjoy... today we start with a fun recipe! Materials: - Cookies - Wooden sticks - White chocolate - Food coloring Preparation: - Place wooden sticks in the... Leer Mas
One of the difficult decisions when preparing for the arrival of a baby is choosing a name, and it's not something to take lightly, as the name you give your baby will be the first identifier in his or her life and an integral part of his or her... Leer Mas
  One of the most common pregnancy-related symptoms are cravings, this urge to eat certain foods, which many times can be strange or out of the ordinary in a person's diet. You've probably heard women talk about their cravings and all the... Leer Mas
Bath time can become a bitter moment for parents and children when we do not take the right precautions and decisions. But making it pleasant for everyone is very simple if we choose the ideal moment and organize everything necessary before bath time.... Leer Mas
For nine months all we do is prepare for the baby's arrival, and we do everything to make sure there are no setbacks. From eating healthy to painting their bedroom, but a couple of weeks before the big day we start to wonder what needs to go in the... Leer Mas
For human beings, physical contact is a way of expressing love, affection, and creating a connection with others. As parents we establish an irreplaceable bond during the first months of our children's lives, and we strongly link it to physical contact,... Leer Mas
  Unlike adults, baby hair grows slowly, however there are some tricks that can help it grow healthy, strong and in the best possible way.   Baby hair grows approximately 7 millimeters per month on average.   It is normal for babies to... Leer Mas
Although it may be hard to admit it and we may despair, most of the time tantrums in our babies are normal and show something they are suffering from at that moment: tiredness, hunger, discomfort with the diaper or some discomfort that disturbs them.... Leer Mas
  Smiling is one of the first reflexes that babies develop, even inside the womb, however, many of us parents get excited and want to know why our baby smiles while sleeping. Here we will learn a little more about what is behind this sweet and... Leer Mas
Babies are a whole universe of changes that occur almost daily, from their gestures to how their body functions, and the eyes do not escape this reality. At birth, most babies have gray eyes or with some grayish hue, many parents wonder why this eye color... Leer Mas
  When we are children we tend to fear many things, and as adults, there are several of these fears that we forget, that we overcome but that we remember again when our children show any of them, from the fear of the dark to the fear of going to the... Leer Mas
As parents, we are constantly learning about our children's lives and we are alert to any changes in their bodies, we check all the time that their bodies are functioning correctly and we are alert to any symptoms, however, there are some that attract our... Leer Mas
Cow's milk protein allergy is one of the allergies that affects infants and is often confused with lactose intolerance. Very little is known about CMPA, but there are certain aspects that we can distinguish in order to prevent our babies from getting... Leer Mas
We know that little ones love to draw and that colors are a fundamental part of their learning process at school, however, we rarely stop to think about how colors impact our children's lives and how we can influence their mood or behaviors by applying... Leer Mas
First, it is important to emphasize that a little mucus is healthy because it protects the nose from bacteria, dust and environmental hazards. The problem is when the color changes, the texture changes and prevents the child from breathing, or is... Leer Mas
Eye health is one of the conversations that parents of young children have on a frequent basis with friends, family and doctors, usually what worries parents the most is getting their children to keep their glasses on and understand how important it is... Leer Mas
  As parents, it is normal to worry about the well-being of our little ones, especially when it comes to sleep.   We know that while they sleep well and enjoy a restful sleep they are growing and enhancing skills they learn during the day,... Leer Mas
Although infant diarrhea seems to be something that does not represent a major risk, it is important to be informed on the subject, to know when to take action and go to the doctor urgently.   In the following post, you will learn a little more about... Leer Mas
  If you're here, it's probably because your little one can't fall asleep and you're desperate not to know why. So don't worry, below, we'll show you some of the reasons why your little one might be having trouble falling asleep.   Let's see!... Leer Mas
  From the moment a woman learns that she is expecting a child, her life is transformed, our actions revolve around keeping the baby healthy and promoting its proper development in the womb. We start taking supplements, eating a healthy and... Leer Mas
  Newborns are unique creatures; during the first 3 months of life they amaze us with the number of changes we observe in them day by day. But being new to this world, there are many processes that their little bodies have not yet mastered, among... Leer Mas
  Before the birth of your baby, you probably spent hours reading about the safest stroller, the one with the best reviews, the one that would convert and be functional. You tried them all and finally bought the right one. Now you use the carrycot... Leer Mas
  If you are in the first months of pregnancy, or you are preparing to conceive, surely you have heard of gestational diabetes, a very common term, but few of us know what it is or what causes it.   Below, we will learn more about it.... Leer Mas
Have you ever heard your son or daughter insistently ask for a pet every time you go for a walk and see a cute puppy? You've probably considered it's a good time, but, before making a decision, it's important to consider the benefits and evaluate the... Leer Mas
  It’s no secret that infants drool. While adults' drooling is typically regarded as odd and uncivilized, infant drool is adorable and reassuring. Few people ponder about why their lovely newborns are drooling, but most just let it happen without... Leer Mas
Doctors will keep track of your baby's weight, length, and head size from the day he or she is born. Baby weight gain is an excellent predictor of overall health. Babies that are developing well are usually healthy; however, slow growth may indicate a... Leer Mas
Every family of three eventually has a question: When to have a second baby? Each case is unique, some parents decide to do it when their first child is still small, others will prefer to let more time pass. Whatever the case, a second pregnancy will... Leer Mas
  Clipping your baby's tiny nails may be a terrifying prospect, but it's something you'll have to face sooner rather than later.   Your baby's nails have been developing even before she was conceived, that implies, she could be ready... Leer Mas
From what age can I put earrings on my baby?   We've all seen adorable tiny infants with pierced ears.   While some parents choose to have their baby's ears pierced soon after birth, others decide to wait until their child is a little... Leer Mas
  If you like swimming, you may consider taking your infant to the pool. Swimming has several advantages, but is it safe for babies? Or is it possible to teach a baby to swim?   In this article, we’ll explain when newborns can swim, how... Leer Mas
This occurs when we cannot get our baby to sleep through the night or enough hours a day. If you are fighting against those difficulties that prevent your baby from sleeping, the consequences can also affect you, due to the lack of hours of sleep. But... Leer Mas
Postpartum depression is all this and much more, it can be experienced to a greater or lesser extent and can appear up to a year after the birth of your baby. Next, we will expose some symptoms, causes and solutions. Humans consider the birth of a... Leer Mas
There are many reasons why you may want or need gluten-free foods for your baby or toddler: they may have coeliac condition or show some sensitivity to gluten. You may even already maintain a gluten-free diet for yourself or other family members.... Leer Mas
When you see that second pink line on a pregnancy test, it changes your whole life in the snap of a finger. Having a baby is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that fills you with love, hope and anticipation. However, along with this delight, comes the... Leer Mas
It is precisely during pregnancy that sleep is most needed. And once the baby is born, a good night's sleep will be much more difficult to achieve. But what makes insomnia during pregnancy so much harder to treat? If you want to get a good night's rest,... Leer Mas
Has your baby's doctor said it's almost time to begin your little one on solids? Weaning your baby off breast and introducing solid foods is one of the biggest milestones in your baby's first year!  There are numerous ways to wean your baby that are... Leer Mas
The sun is shining, the waves are crashing, and the sand is calling. A beach vacation is a must-do throughout the summer. But will you bring your baby to the beach safely? Since even the one-and-under crowd needs a break from time to time. If... Leer Mas
No matter how vigilant you are, your child will most likely get diaper rash at some stage. The majority of babies do! Fortunately, there are creams and ointments to treat the problem, as well as diapering know-how that can help deter it before it occurs.... Leer Mas
The term 'first aid' refers to a series of actions that, in an orderly manner, must be carried out when helping a person who has suffered an accident and needs help. But did you know that psychological first aid also exists? Psychological... Leer Mas
The kitchen is a space that we can use for our children to develop manual and math skills. At the same time, in addition to being a place where their senses will be constantly receiving different stimuli, it can also be a great opportunity to involve them... Leer Mas
Breast milk is the best food for babies: it contains nutrients that strengthen their little bodies. However, breastfeeding throughout the day is a very complicated task. Therefore, breast pumps are the best option, both for their comfort and for the... Leer Mas
One of the first approaches that children have to the world of art is through crafts, that is, any activity that involves work done with the hands (which may include the use of some tools such as scissors, brushes or glue). Although they are generally... Leer Mas
We all know that, to go out for a walk with children, it is necessary that the car seat has a child restraint system (SRI) that adjusts to the characteristics of the little ones. Therefore, as the child grows, and to provide him with the protection and... Leer Mas
Routines are the result of activities that we do out of habit. For this reason, they are a very useful tool when it comes to creating good habits in children and, thus, achieving long-term benefits. The benefits of a sleep routine are many, starting... Leer Mas
Is there anything more beautiful than newborn baby clothes? Tiny socks and booties, bodysuits… No wonder new parents find themselves with tons of new baby clothes that will never be worn. In reality, newborns are left without clothes every day. In... Leer Mas
  Pregnancy and childbirth are significant experiences in the lives of many women. Although this can be a joyful moment, it can also be a cause of depression and anxiety . Women are frequently concerned with the inevitable pain of childbirth as... Leer Mas
Due to the hormonal change that is suffered during the nine months of gestation, many emotional ups and downs can occur. For this reason, it is important to know how to identify the sensations that are suffered. For example, it is necessary to evaluate... Leer Mas
Nocturnal enuresis, also known as nocturnal infantile urinary incontinence, is the involuntary discharge of urine that occurs after 5 years of age (it can even last until adolescence), at which time it is assumed that the child should have taken control... Leer Mas
Lice are tiny parasites that depend on a human (host) to complete their life cycle: they feed on your blood and remain in the same place, depositing eggs. They are commonly found on the scalp, but can also be found on the eyelashes and eyebrows. What... Leer Mas
Thinking about the well-being of your children is always a priority, so sleep must be considered as something important that must be taken care of and made more pleasant. For generations, we have been taught that the pillow is part of a good rest, but... Leer Mas
Moving your baby from a crib to a bed is a huge but wonderful milestone and something that you’ll want to make sure that both of you are ready for. There’s no hard rule as to when babies need to move from a crib to a bed. But generally, most... Leer Mas
Many times, it becomes a headache to teach and educate the little ones, since it comes, in some moments, to force the child to do what we think can work. However, the child's brain works differently, especially in the early stages. Sensory writing is a... Leer Mas
Starting to think of the baby's name is a general rule from the moment we know if she is a girl or a boy. A name that is representative, meaningful and meets all the expectations we have is desired. But, everyone knows that it is not an easy task; And,... Leer Mas
Currently, some myths persist about children with Down syndrome that have distorted the way in which they should be educated and generate appropriate processes that stimulate them. To clarify all this, we will begin by explaining what Down syndrome is.... Leer Mas
The feet are essential in balance and spatial orientation. They develop and evolve at each stage of the child, from birth to adulthood. And, in this growth process, the feet acquire greater strength, support and shape, thus achieving a good walking and... Leer Mas
Have you ever heard anything about the "sandwich technique"? This method, surely not much mentioned, is highly recommended by psychologists to help children achieve positive changes in their behavior. Although its origin is unknown, it is considered a... Leer Mas
At what times do parents not face stressful situations with children? It is known that children are not always little angels: it is normal for them to have tantrums or be disobedient, yell, get angry, throw objects on the ground, etc. And, in these... Leer Mas
For children to learn to channel their emotions, they must learn to assume and identify their feelings clearly, developing psychological skills focused on self-awareness, self-control, self-motivation, social skills and empathy, as the Californian... Leer Mas
According to studies, this stage is considered the age of sociability. It is named for the increased need for care that the baby experiences by wanting to feel accompanied most of the time. This happens because the baby begins to become more aware of... Leer Mas
As they grow, babies generate a greater sense of independence and autonomy, factors that must be taken into account to support the little one to face each change with courage and a lot of security. It is common to try to find aids and methods that allow... Leer Mas
Secure attachment is considered as the affective bond that is established in space / time between the baby and the caregiver, fostered at an early age. It arises naturally as a sense of protection on the part of caregivers and is strengthened according... Leer Mas
That the baby's lip or mouth does not form properly is due to abnormalities in the gestation stage. Specifically, when the facial structures of the fetus do not close completely. This birth condition is known as "orofacial clefts". Children may have a... Leer Mas
Those times when the child screams, or gets difficult, can be stressful for parents. We tend to get angry and respond in the same way, thinking or assuming that the child will react and learn the lesson, but it will not be like that. According to... Leer Mas
During the birth of a child, we know very well how difficult the postpartum process can be and all the care that a baby demands as a new parent. That is why in this post we will give some basic recommendations that will help you understand this process a... Leer Mas
Despite the fact that very little time has passed since its birth, at this age significant physical and cognitive changes can already be seen, with some different behaviors and behaviors that characterize it being noticeable. Next, we will tell you what... Leer Mas
Have you ever heard them say, calm down, don't lose your cool, you must have more patience? Of course we have heard it, but at times this can be very difficult and more if you have a stronger or impulsive temperament. The anxiety of wanting to see an... Leer Mas
It is important that, when taking babies in the car seat, some recommendations are taken into account that help to take care of the postural health of the little ones. Part of this care is to bear in mind the use of the child restraint safety system,... Leer Mas
If your child is one of those who sticks out his tongue while he is writing or while he is concentrating, do not be surprised, because this very curious gesture is more common than you think and then we will tell you why it happens. According to... Leer Mas
Appetite in children may decrease at school age, eating only small amounts and with little regularity. This usually happens at the age of 2 to 3 years, the cause is because at this age their growth is slower, making their nutritional needs less. The... Leer Mas
A newborn needs special care due to the vulnerability and fragility with which he is born, his bones are weak and he needs an adequate way to carry them. This care is especially focused on his neck and head because his bones are much softer. The... Leer Mas
The eyes provide information on shapes, colors and everything that is around, each response to movement is facilitated by sight that sharpens as the child grows, influencing learning and behavior. The vision in newborn babies according to studies,... Leer Mas
Teaching to tolerate frustration is an aspect that must be treated with great tact during childhood, teaching our little ones to understand that things do not always go the way we want, is essential in this process. Frustration goes hand in hand... Leer Mas
Knowing what a baby's comfort temperature is is not an easy task. The little ones in the house cannot express whether they are hot or cold and parents often do not know what to do with the air conditioning systems. In this article we explain what is the... Leer Mas
Motivating our little ones to exercise is essential so that they can develop properly. According to various investigations, when children exercise or perform some physical activity they are promoting brain functions. In ages between 5 and 18 years... Leer Mas
Within the parenting process, it is important to know how to establish routines in children that allow them to generate habits for their emotional balance and for the formation of their personality and character, by repeating actions and making them part... Leer Mas
Many mothers are afraid of leaving the care of their babies with other people because it is often thought that this can affect the affective bond that one has; but this is not necessarily the case, if proper procedures are performed. We know that... Leer Mas
  Although the exact causes that generate fear in our little ones are not known, it is clear that fear is only a reaction of the organism that alerts when there are situations that are believed to be dangerous. The experts call fear as an evolutionary... Leer Mas
  We know that within the processes of raising our children it is important to help them form a character that allows them to face different situations in life. Children in their training need foundations to help them move forward and achieve what... Leer Mas
  Walkers in times past were an indispensable tool and a fundamental part of children's learning when walking, over the years some disadvantages that this has in the psychomotor development of children have been discovered. According to the... Leer Mas
  It is fabulous to see how children change at this age, they have definitely gone from being babies to being children, but not only physically but also cognitively and in the way they begin to behave. Here begins the definition of his personality... Leer Mas
Although there is no exact age, it is necessary to detail some basic aspects to take care of the oral hygiene of your little ones. Oral hygiene of babies should start from the first month of life, it is very simple, with a gauze wrapped on your finger,... Leer Mas
  The world of family, parenting or babies is full of content within our reach. Whether on video, through blogs, books or movies, it is difficult to find a topic that has not been written much already. But today we have come across one of those books... Leer Mas
  The imagination of our children is unlimited, it is so wide that it can lead them to live in a world of fantasy, constant creativity and transformation of thought, this being very useful to promote skills that forge their personality and... Leer Mas
  Super heroes play a huge role in children's brains, as these characters positively influence imaginative and social development. The Spanish Pediatric Society explains how superheroes develop language and problem-solving skills, fostering a... Leer Mas
It is important that we transmit this security to our little ones in the face of the good we think of them with our words and actions, with pampering and hugs, with continuous support and the best, with confidence. Trust is important to... Leer Mas
When children are born they present a unique fragility in their bones and tendons, they do not yet have enough strength to withstand sudden movements, much less to support their own weight. During childbirth they suffer a pressure in their spine of up to... Leer Mas
Part of parenting is developing habits in children that allow them to have stable patterns in their behavior. If we repeat the same activities many times daily with them, it will help the children to be organized with their time and with the things they... Leer Mas
  When children start to speak, it is practically a challenge for them to be able to pronounce the words correctly, so the help of parents is vital for their proper development. The key is to create a language environment at home that is right for him.... Leer Mas
    Many times we assume that if we hold our babies for too long we spoil them. Those who have not heard say "better not carry them so much because they get used to it", "let them cry so that they do not become so attached to you" and although these... Leer Mas
  There is nothing better than to give our little ones a surprise that makes them get out of the routine, the motivation and joy expressed in their faces fills us with happiness and satisfaction. We know that routine is fundamental in the formation of... Leer Mas
Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), is known, as the power that the word has in the brain of children, what we pronounce and communicate to them on a daily basis, will definitely have a great effect on the behavior patterns of our children. Therefore, the... Leer Mas
If there is something that has shown us the confinement that we have experienced in recent months in the need to change our consumption habits to achieve a better world. Without a doubt, the streets of cities like Madrid or Barcelona without their... Leer Mas
Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful processes that a woman can experience, those sensations during this process make the nine months of waiting a unique and unforgettable moment. And although we do not fully understand what is happening in there, it is... Leer Mas
All children are curious by nature, from birth they are interested in the environment around them, at each stage children demonstrate a need to learn something new. The appropriate stimuli that are developed according to their stage, are important to... Leer Mas
During the time that we are at home, it is important to reflect on the foods that we consume daily, a healthy diet will help our immune system to be strengthened and the necessary vitamins and minerals are acquired for the proper functioning of our body.... Leer Mas
The purees are fabulous and perfect to implement within the complementary diet of our children, these rich purees can be included from 5 months of age, being an important food for the development of the child, so the variety will be essential. Purees are... Leer Mas
Who was going to tell us at the beginning of the year that we would be confined at home for so long? Not many would have guessed right but the reality is that it was and little by little it will remain as a strange memory of the past. Each one will... Leer Mas
Our children are being part of the technological world, everything that surrounds them determines the fact of living with technology, new teaching methods, the way they invest their free time and so on, make children from their young age make use of... Leer Mas
Boredom is a very common and normal thing that occurs in children, but this is not entirely negative, since it can be used as a means of growth and creative development. Boredom can be termed as a wake-up call that allows children to recognize what they... Leer Mas
We love to watch our kids constantly play and have fun, but there are times when they definitely don't want to sit still. Which is the reason? This can happen, due to the different environmental stimuli that children receive on a daily basis, which cause... Leer Mas
Staying active while we are at home is a very good way to break with the daily routine, in addition to providing benefits to our body and strengthening our immune system. Staying active through some physical activity allows the body to eliminate stress,... Leer Mas
A rather complex stage for parents because sometimes it is often difficult to overcome the resistance that children put to the things they are told. Why do they answer no to everything? Which is the reason? At 15 months, babies enter a process of... Leer Mas
  It has not been easy for us parents to have to assume the role of educators at home, generating new habits and daily routines has been a challenge for everyone. We have had to use creativity and invent new strategies that help us exercise dynamism of... Leer Mas
Coexistence is based on a set of social rules and norms that must be instilled daily as part of the upbringing and training of the little ones. These norms are based on the tolerance and adaptation that each one achieves by enduring the customs of the... Leer Mas
Now that children are at home more time, it is the perfect time to promote routines that lead to behavioral improvement, with habits being a fundamental area of ​​education, training in discipline that will be part of their character in the future.... Leer Mas
The feeding of seven-month-old babies is very similar to that of six-month-old babies, with the difference that you can already supply other foods such as fruits and vegetables. The recommendation of pediatricians is that each day be given a different... Leer Mas
For us as parents it is essential to make our babies feel comfortable with their clothes every day and wherever they are, even in the elements we use, such as a car seat, stroller and others, we want their materials to be the best to avoid discomfort and... Leer Mas
  The upbringing is part of the process of the development of the children, it helps to face the different difficulties of the environment that appear, to recognize themselves and to have tools to be more and more autonomous and with capacities to face... Leer Mas
When a person is patient, he acquires the ability to assess each situation and circumstance lived, this being a means to solve problems at different times. Patience is a learned behavior that develops over time and according to the parenting guidelines... Leer Mas
Stories are an extraordinary means to potentiate skills in children, in addition to being able to share a warm time at home with them, reading to them generates a set of skills that will be noticed in a very short time, in addition to having the... Leer Mas
Positive parenting is a tool that involves educating children with respect and empathy, motivating them to be better every day, uniting coherence with discipline, always managing calm and having assertive communication. Communication is the way to... Leer Mas
This quarantine time, we can enjoy making fun recipes with your babies, making the most of it, sharing with the family and enjoying every minute of being with them. The idea is that your little one acquires a series of learning through experimentation and... Leer Mas
  4-month-old babies have not yet developed a concise sleep pattern, sleep cycles are based only on two phases which are called "active" sleep (REM sleep) and "Quiet" non-REM sleep), these only last for a period of 45 to 50 minutes. However, sleep and... Leer Mas
Like learning, our emotions help us in a decisive way in the way we face life, through those things that we do on a daily basis and that involve aspects such as emotion, thought and action. Understanding each of them, learning to control emotions, will be... Leer Mas
  The adapted milks are made with special processes to make it similar to breast milk from the nutritional to its flavor, which makes it suitable for helping the growth of children and their development. These milks must comply with “the standards of... Leer Mas
As parents we must be aware of each negative behavior that our children present to immediately correct them. Is it normal for a child to get in a bad mood just because he doesn't do what he requires. Why does this happen? This type of behavior is... Leer Mas
The hugs are so powerful that they can produce in our baby a lot of hormones that are activated by having direct contact with us, oxytocin, better known as the love hormone, is released with close contact. According to studies when a baby is born, the... Leer Mas
Teaching our children to care for the environment is a responsibility we must have as parents. The motivation we have in carrying out this activity will make our children want to repeat it. Making recycling a habit, and lifestyle, is the challenge that... Leer Mas
  Many parents make the mistake of buying children with siblings, friends, family, this as a means to make them react to bad behavior. What we should all know is that these comparatives are not so good in the formation of identity and that it can have a... Leer Mas
More and more births of premature children, this according to the world health organization. Babies are usually born between week 37 and 42, when they are born before week 37 they are already considered premature babies. The care that should be taken are... Leer Mas
We know that when a baby is born it is full of different reflexes, these are sent by the nervous system and are triggered by external stimuli that lead to having a specific reaction in the child. It can be said that reflexes are involuntary behaviors... Leer Mas
A habit is the action we repeat frequently, making it part of our routine. From a psychological perspective, the human being can get so used to that action to the point of needing it daily to feel comfortable with himself. Habits can be acquired by... Leer Mas
Anger can be classified as an emotion generated by the frustration of not achieving what is wanted immediately and it is not easy for the child to gain control over himself, since he is still learning to recognize his emotions. Not all children have the... Leer Mas
Some children have the habit of communicating in a high tone of voice, which leads parents to assume if the reasons are caused by auditory problems or difficulties in their language. But this can have several causes. ¿Reasons? Age may be the main reason,... Leer Mas
For many of us it is not difficult to forget very common words with which we all grew up, how, if you do not behave "I will not give you", but you behave well "I will not take you," etc. Words that rated our behaviors as bad and that we usually also use... Leer Mas
Children are very restless and in their exploration process it is very normal for frequent falls that may affect or injure babies, milk teeth are usually the most affected by a sporadic blow, which many ask Parents is what should be done in this situation,... Leer Mas
Most babies and some children present at certain ages, attachment for some special object, why? What are the reasons? The term was first introduced by pediatrician and psychoanalyst Donald Winnicott, trying to define the first possession of a baby in... Leer Mas
We know that technology is an important tool for our current society, but it is necessary to know how to implement it properly in the day-to-day life of our children and more on these vacations where they will surely have plenty of free time to enjoy it.... Leer Mas
Sometimes it can take us a bit as parents to make our children obey the first, without needing to repeat so much what they have to do, again and again. Many times these kinds of things happen because we are communicating incorrectly. We will give an... Leer Mas
Spending part of the pregnancy during the winter is something that will happen, since the nine months of gestation partly cover the different seasons of the year, the advantages of modern mothers is that they can already plan at what time of the year they... Leer Mas
During the holidays, it is common to see in the children emotional changes and anger more than usual, this because of the stress generated by the demand that is given to children in front of how to be and not to be. Put on these clothes, play with your... Leer Mas
The development of the baby at this age, allows to see notable changes in the development that shows freedom of movement, where his head, back, arms and legs have greater ability, his behavior changes having more advanced behaviors and reactions than in... Leer Mas
And why not? It is a time when we can also go out with our baby for a good walk! It can bring great benefits for both you and your little one. Dare to feel that sunbeam that comes from time to time and do not worry about the wind, for that we have the... Leer Mas
According to studies, many of the skills in children are innate, such as learning to sit, talk, walk, crawl, sit, but some are learned during the educational processes at home. It is important that children from small are generated activities that... Leer Mas
It has been 1 year, it is becoming more independent and spends less time in its arms. At this age he began taking his first steps, and although some are already walking alone, others are so far learning. But this does not stop him to move and want to move... Leer Mas
The little students who go through the grading process anxiously and some with a lot of confidence because they know that their results were ideal, waiting with great motivation for the prize promised by their parents. It is very common to see today the... Leer Mas
When you are going to buy a gift, you should think about what utility is going to be given to that gift, if it is feasible for the family and if it is something that the baby will enjoy. But how to know what gift can be useful for a 10 month baby? Here we... Leer Mas
The 16-month-old baby advances every day much more, his progress is better by walking very fast, it is a stage where parents really will end up exhausted at the end of the day, since the child will not want to be still for a single second. He wants to... Leer Mas
The seven months of the baby, begins a fantastic process of language and expression where cognitive abilities of recognition and pronunciation of sounds are generated, characterized by the different changes in their growth and cognitive ability. It covers... Leer Mas
  Complementary feeding is the supply of foods other than breast milk, which complements breastfeeding. The guide of the Spanish Association of Pediatrics (AEP) states that, at 6 months of age, it is the perfect stage where psycho motor skills develop... Leer Mas
In the first months of life, the baby is assimilating a series of general processes that lead him to be part of a normal adaptation, where they can present problems in some areas, the important thing is that the parents can identify the needs of the baby... Leer Mas
6-month-old baby toys should meet their learning needs, not forgetting that playing should be a fun and enjoyable time where parents are part of the fun and interaction. The most important thing is to spend quality time with the little ones and to learn... Leer Mas
  The promises are customs that parents have as a means of incentive or motivation for their children in the face of any particular event, what must be taken into account is that every promise made to a child, generates expectations of receiving them ,... Leer Mas
When babies are born we believe that the skin will be soft and smooth, but on many occasions it happens that babies are born with some imperfections in their skin, small pimples, reddened spots that usually worry some parents. There are varieties of... Leer Mas
Our baby has grown and every time shows greater maturity and adaptation to the environment in which he is, is much more awake and attentive to everything that revolves around him, wants to hear, perceive, feel and learn new things. I would like to speak,... Leer Mas
When talking about weaning, it can be assimilated as a radical way to remove breast milk, but respectful weaning is based on respecting the baby's times, nutritional and emotional needs, as well as that of the mother's body. Weaning is a stage that is... Leer Mas
The ten months is an age where the muscles of your body are strengthening, wanting to be standing for a few moments, will be taken from the railings of the crib, the wall, etc., although it begins to walk within the year towards 15 months, you can move... Leer Mas
  During pregnancy, the greatest expectation of each mother is to be able to feel the movements of the baby while in the belly, being of great emotion when responding to different stimuli sent. Pregnancy is a stage of mother and child connection, so... Leer Mas
The five-month-old baby has grown and is nothing like a newborn, his desire to explore and know everything, not stop. This capacity for exploration and wanting to relate more and more to his world makes him more awake and with greater perception. It is... Leer Mas
  When the baby is born, it is logical to be frightened or present frights, when the baby leaves the body of the mother, does not yet perceive the space in which it is generating a feeling of insecurity, falling, discomfort and discomfort. It is normal... Leer Mas
The 9-month-old baby may be surprised by his motor skills, he will not want to sit still for a second. His desire to investigate and explore does not allow him to have rest times, much less his caregivers. As parents we must be alert at all times, taking... Leer Mas
  In pregnancy you need to have certain cares that make the pregnancy process as healthy as possible, as recommended by pediatricians is that within these care the feeding is essential, since this depends on the healthy development of the baby, as well... Leer Mas
Escapes of urine in babies are very frequent and normal when it comes to learning to leave your diaper, at times because it is not enough to get to the bathroom or at night, possibly because he did not urinate before going to sleep. Many parents can... Leer Mas
Summer has already arrived and along with it, family holiday plans, trips and long trips can be exhausting especially for babies, since many hours in their car seat can really tire them out. The idea is to follow some important recommendations so that the... Leer Mas
It is normal for the baby to catch a cold when there are related symptoms, including snot in babies, which tend to be very bothersome. Children are much more likely to catch cold because of more care, according to pediatricians, this happens because... Leer Mas
The stories are the best resource to foster in babies fundamental aspects that will allow you to apply them throughout your life. Although the stories express a life of fantasy and happiness forever, its content leads to recognize important values ​​such... Leer Mas
The 3-month-old baby is in a transitional process, with constant changes at a physical, visual, language and cognitive level, which makes it necessary to carry out procedures that stimulate it in an integral way. There are some activities that can be done... Leer Mas
 First, do not be alarmed. Vomiting is common in all infants and usually occurs after milk intake or gas expulsion. This is what pediatricians call regurgitation, which is when babies throw small amounts of milk out of their mouths. There are different... Leer Mas
The weight and size of a baby at birth usually varies according to some specific aspects, what if it should be clear, is that according to the size that is born, it is not classified as being small or tall, since this depends on the family genetics and... Leer Mas
Many times, attention is not given to the form and condition that babies sleep, and although many parents strive to prevent accidents, there are several factors that must be taken into account. Here we will name some of them. The temperature: it is... Leer Mas
Everyone knows the importance of baby cribs as an essential part of the basic elements that must be acquired before they are born, but what is often not taken into account are those important aspects that are part of the safety and comfort of babies when... Leer Mas
Conjunctivitis in babies is one of the most common diseases and although it causes alarm it is very easy to treat it, as long as one is cautious and takes the pertinent care so that it disappears, although it is better to have a pediatric follow-up.... Leer Mas
It is very important to know how to choose the best stroller for the baby and having clear the most important characteristics with which you must have for your purchase. Although there are many chairs in the market should identify the priority aspects... Leer Mas
According to studies the teeth are formed from the time babies are in the womb, staying inside their gums, until they reach the teething stage. Although it is not a general rule, there are babies who at 4 months of age and their first tooth appears and in... Leer Mas
Once the baby is a year old, he is already a child with greater cognitive abilities, he expresses himself better and his movements are more precise, a stage where some are already beginning to walk and others until now are trying. Based on this there... Leer Mas
This stage is a wonderful stage where we can notice the many skills that our babies are acquiring each day and although they do not stop moving, they fill us with joy every mischief, laughter and games they perform. The 15 months of the babies, is an... Leer Mas
Many of the parents' questions are because the babies wake up during the night and because they do so crying, interrupting the sleep and not allowing the necessary rest. The biggest concern is to think if it is normal or just usually only some children... Leer Mas
The highchair is a tool that contributes with many benefits in the teaching of eating habits, since the discipline and the management of schedules foster an adequate process in the diet in an autonomous way, which will give them greater independence,... Leer Mas
Fever in babies should not be determined as a disease, on the contrary, it is the cause of the body's defense against an infection presented in the body against attacking a virus. Fever is a very normal and most frequent manifestation in the first years... Leer Mas
Hiccups in babies are very common and more often in newborns, they regularly occur during the first six months of life, although this is very normal to happen can be uncomfortable, often causing concern for their parents. Hiccups are caused in children... Leer Mas