Nightmares in children, the importance of emotional support - Jyoko

Nightmares in children, the importance of emotional support - Jyoko

Nightmares in children are very common at certain ages, being considered as a normal part of their development. What makes adequate parental support important not to generate social conflicts that have to deal with in the future. The nightmares are events of unpleasant experiences that could live during the days or time ago.

According to studies, in dreams all the fears and fears that children present become nightmares. These begin irregularly at the age of 2 or 3 years, up to 6 years and are manifested in REM sleep, at the end of the night and in the second stage of children's sleep, often combined with parasomnias, where the little ones without waking up, express behaviors based on what they are feeling without interrupting their sleep. Some children get out of bed or sit while screaming or crying, but they are still asleep.

These nightmares can be in part the reflection of emotional conflicts lived within the environment in which they are living, the loss of a loved one, problems in general in their school, family or violent television programs that may be affecting them.

Although this stage is being overcome over time, children should be supported in this process since it can affect the character and behavior in their present and their future, making them introverted, unsociable, wanting to be alone most of the time , affecting its concentration and behavior in general.

Because of this, it is important to evaluate the environment, make determinations as to what may be affecting you, choose television programs that do not contain any type of violence, talk to them to know what scares them, what causes them fear and so know how to intervene.

If something is affecting the family level you should take support measures, try not to spend a lot of time alone and make your environment as pleasant as possible, try to do things on the day that keep them busy, happy and calm.
It is recommended that before going to bed, the atmosphere of the room is prepared, it can be with music, share a bit of pampering, hugs and caresses, to provide security.
You should never recriminate your fears, as this will only increase those fears. Never laugh when they tell about their nightmares, they must suppress words, threats of dark rooms or games that frighten them. This can affect the personality, making them increasingly unsure of themselves.

This stage can be somewhat difficult because of the change and evolution of the brain of the children. It is good to talk in such a way that you can tell your deepest fears, that it causes you insecurity, so you know how to act, that you feel confident of being able to tell your parents everything, it will help you to feel stronger to face what you It frightens you.

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