Gift for a newborn | Baby blog | Jyoko

Gift for a newborn | Baby blog | Jyoko

When it comes to hitting a good gift, you must take into account the sex and needs of the baby, if you are very close to the parents, it will be much easier to know what they need or would love to have.

In the same way here we will give a list of recommendations to make it much easier, find the perfect gift.

Clothes will always be a necessity, whether for a walk, to be at home or to sleep, the ideal is to buy clothes that do not fit so well, since in the first months of life they grow very fast and the idea is that they can enjoy it, it must also be comfortable, not too tight, preferably made of cotton and that is easy to place, avoid having many seams so as not to cause discomfort or allergies or prevent the movement of your extremities.

Accessories for food will always be functional, such as bibs or baby bottles. Keeping in mind that time goes by fast, some cups or some dishes will not fall badly.

Elements for the bathroom, such as fixed or portable bathtubs, bath baskets with special baby soaps without perfume and hypoallergenic, towels, a soft bath sponge.

Decoration accessories for the room, will be original gifts and little given for the reception of the baby.

The toys can not miss, the idea is to buy the most suitable for their age, as mobile colors for the crib, with music or without it, which have different ways to stimulate the visual perception of the baby, soft dolls, also the rattles are ideals at this age.

If you already want to surprise with a better gift, a car seat will be the best, since it is very useful to move it comfortably and safely, as long as ACM is installed, it is essential that it has a hood for greater protection of the solar rays.

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