What to give to a child of 1 year? - Jyoko

What to give to a child of 1 year? - Jyoko

Once the baby is a year old, he is already a child with greater cognitive abilities, he expresses himself better and his movements are more precise, a stage where some are already beginning to walk and others until now are trying.

Based on this there are many useful elements that will give you more skill and that you will also love.

At this age what they love most are toys, among their favorites are those who make noise, those who turn on and turn on lights, as a center of activities that allows you to manipulate different additional accessories discovering new things as they have fun.

Push toys will love them, as well as being in a stage where they want to walk and explore, so having toys that allow them to do all this, they will enjoy it to the maximum besides stimulating them and being of great benefit to them.

Reading at this age is essential for their development, it is best that these books are full of textures that stimulate their senses and helps them remember faster, at this age they want to manipulate and take everything, so it will be a very good gift too.

The bath toys will be very fun and a great help for bath time, rubber dolls, balls with lights or make movements.

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Toys to make towers and stack, will help strengthen your fine motor skills and manual vision coordination, they will love you for the needs they have in their development of creating, arming and exploring.

Musical instruments or toys that have music, will stimulate the creation of new sounds and experience music from a young age.

Everything that has to do with animals and their sounds that allows them to identify and repeat their sounds, children will be fascinated, because they are more aware of everything that revolves around them, allowing them to memorize everything they hear and observe. .

The stacking games, puzzles, where they can fit the figure where it corresponds, forming new vocabulary while having fun.

Working tables so that they can color and perform different manual activities will be very useful to increase concentration times and develop their cognitive skills.

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