What a stroller to buy – Jyoko

What a stroller to buy – Jyoko

It is very important to know how to choose the best stroller for the baby and having clear the most important characteristics with which you must have for your purchase.

Although there are many chairs in the market should identify the priority aspects for their acquisition, having clear some resources that can offer and that can provide greater security and comfort for both the baby and parents.

 Here we will show some features that must be taken into account and that should not be omitted at the time of purchase.

-The Size: It is very important to determine its size and the space it occupies closed and open, it must be chosen according to the space at home or the spaces that are usually visited so as not to have problems later, in its location and adaptability in different spaces.

The Weight: for a better comfort in its transport, it is better to weigh less or around 12 kg, because this influences its handling and control while doing the journey, for this reason between lighter, much better, you should also check that support a weight of up to 20 kg, so that a prolonged use can be guaranteed, at least until the child reaches 3 years.

-The Seat: it is recommended that the location of the seat be in the direction of the parents, in order to have a greater vigilance of the baby and the needs that present during the ride, should also try that the seat is comfortable and wide for greater comfort of the baby, taking into account that it will grow and therefore its seat will become narrower losing comfort and losing the pleasure of being there.

The hood: This will help protect the child from the cold, the wind, the sun, being an essential element in the stroller as protection and part of the care of the skin and the health of the child. A great advantage of this element is that it allows easy washing and easy cleaning in case you do not want to put it in the washing machine.

The handlebar: this part that is part of the stroller, is a fundamental part of the management and control of it, which is adjustable, will allow to graduate it for greater ease of handling and comfort, choosing if you want to a short degree or more long as preferred.

The footrest: is very functional when the baby is a little larger and will be useful so that the feet are not hanging, so it is best to choose a footrest that can be adjusted at the height of your feet and according to your age.

-Comfortable: Part of a good acquisition is that the baby is comfortable and that while seated, it will not affect your spine, hip or body in general, but that their materials and type of manufacture is suitable for their development, being adaptable to the baby's physiognomy, that the materials are breathable and do not affect the child in hot weather.

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