On the counter [ACM] | Baby Blog - Jyoko

On the counter [ACM] | Baby Blog - Jyoko

The holidays have arrived and you must have all the security possible to have an excellent trip with the little ones.

In a previous post we talked about the Counter-saddle (ACM), of the importance of its continuous and permanent use, as well as its multiple benefits, this is why it is worth mentioning some aspects that should be taken into account for a safe trip during this vacation.

One of the myths that are held and that parents stop to take their children ACM, is that they can get bored or be uncomfortable in the car seat, but if they perform the correct procedures none of this will happen, on the contrary, they will be happy and first of all very safe.

The first thing that must be taken into account, is that ACM must always go, the chair must be in accordance with the height of the child properly fastened and according to the safety of the child restraint system (SRI), this will guarantee its protection, in case of any incident

The baby should be properly seated in his car seat and always with the safety recommendations required, on very long trips it is suggested that an adult sits back to distract him and be able to take care of him. Bearing in mind that at no time during the journey and the vehicle in motion should be unhooked from the chair, much less take it out of it, in some case that cry or is tired, it is better that the car stops.

There can be many reasons why the child cries: because he is hungry, hot, needs a diaper change or is simply tired of his back, none of these needs must be met when the vehicle is under way.

It is advisable that, if the journey is long, the places where they can stop are previously planned. The suggested time is, every two hours to make a break to take care of the baby, looking for a place that has shade, load it out of the car, walk it for a while, play with it if necessary, take advantage to feed it or change its diaper if it requires it.

A cool temperature in the car is vital to have a pleasant journey and that the baby feels comfortable, the air should be between 23 to 25 degrees, you can open the windows a few minutes before entering the car with the air conditioning on , use small sun visors on the rear windows avoiding the direct rays of the sun.

They will never get bored if they have elements that entertain them, like toys, listen to their favorite music, have rattles or objects with different textures.

Do not carry loose luggage in the back or pets, or large items near babies, in case of unexpected braking, something may fall and hurt them. In this summer time while in your car seat, having appropriate clothes will help you to be cool and not very hot.

Likewise, have a suitable cover for the car seat that allows the child not sweat while traveling and that their materials are pleasant to the touch. Like the Jyoko Jané Koos I-Size and Concord Neo Air Safe Case, with its soft materials made of cotton, it will guarantee a trip full of comfort and peace of mind.

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