My baby throws everything to the ground | Mom's Blog - Jyoko

My baby throws everything to the ground | Mom's Blog - Jyoko

The child is recognizing his surroundings, including the objects that are within his reach and manages to manipulate, this action that can be seen very simple, brings great knowledge that are fundamental for psychomotor development and visual-manual coordination.

After 6 months the baby has achieved great manual skills, holding things more tightly, manipulating them with his fingers and holding an object with each hand, the only thing is that he loves to throw away everything that is put in hands.

After repeating the same action of throwing some element, they provoke different noises causing an immediate reaction in the parents to pick up what they have thrown, this action-reaction function generates a great advance in the intelligence of the children.

By throwing an item on the ground, recognize that it is an object different from him, identifying in turn the movement of his arms and hands, relating better to his body, increasing his understanding of what he can do with his hands, likewise he will notice the difference of grabbing and dropping.

These actions help to acquire a new perception of their environment, such as relating distance, space, understanding about gravity and time of fall, the manipulation of objects helps you to recognize what is soft, hard, heavy, light, soft, noisy or what has no sound.

So it will be a time of great entertainment for the baby and more if the caregiver returns the object that he throws, he will surely want to throw it away a thousand times to continue enjoying the game.

Although the benefits and advantages that it brings to the child are understood, it is normal for parents to get tired of constantly picking up toys, to avoid this, in some moments the toys can be held with an elastic cord so that they bounce and do not fall.

You can place the baby on a carpet to motivate him to pick up what he throws, this exercise can be applicable as an aid to the start of crawling and the displacement of his body.

 You can also Play to take and give me, it will be the step to follow instead of throwing things away, while you play with it, you must tell what is happening, what is the object that you have in your hands, what happened when you fell ground.

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