How to treat a child with jealousy of a little brother - Jyoko

How to treat a child with jealousy of a little brother - Jyoko



The jealousy of children before a new birth, can be normal in most cases and although they try to hide it, there are reactions that clearly show how difficult it is for them to assume this new stage.


Although each child reacts differently, there are some who resent the fact of the arrival of their brother, trying to ignore the issue completely or having behaviors of rejection or annoyance towards the mother.


 These behaviors are usually presented before and after the baby is born, the behavior can change suddenly, some children can behave really badly and others simply react wanting to help the mother with the tasks that require the attention of the new sibling, an attitude that can To confuse to a large extent, since it can be assumed that they are having a great time and that they are happy for the new baby, when perhaps they only do so to get attention.


The good thing is that this can be used to redirect their feelings, to the tranquility that they will be a fundamental part, strengthening family ties showing them how important they are for parents.


The typical negative behaviors in which one should be attentive to help the little ones, is nightmares at night, difficulty sleeping, difficulties to eat normally, little toilet training.


 Although they do not understand why their behavior, parents should be alert to these signs, it is not good to leave children alone having a bad time, if not generate certain strategies that allow them to feel safe, loved and protected.


To avoid all these emotional changes that affect the well-being of the little ones, as in turn, the tranquility of the parents, should be prevented from the beginning of the pregnancy.


The best way is to involve the children in the whole process from the beginning, help them to adapt and assume it more easily, for this, the news should be communicated in a special, calm and fun way, involving them in every aspect, expressing the love they have, dispelling any doubts they may have, making them feel more secure, reassuring them, talking to them and explaining that they will continue to love them.


When the baby is born you may want to call attention to some tantrums or whims, but this is where you should be very patient, this behavior is natural to not receive the attention before, look for the way to have it at all costs.

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