The importance of family quality time – Jyoko

The importance of family quality time – Jyoko

We know that the obligations and responsibilities that parents have daily make it very difficult to have enough time to share with the family.

Several studies reveal that a significant percentage of children who spend most of their time alone present important psychological conditions such as feeling alone, missing their parents, generating gaps of affection that lead to deep emotional and psychological needs such as protection, understanding and problems of identity.

And while many parents cut back on their work and try to be more at home to share with their children, it often replaces them with other responsibilities or work assignments.

Within the difficulties presented, it is necessary to stop a bit and to think that the time that is not shared with the family is never recovered, it is necessary to organize a daily agenda to have spaces dedicated to the family, where not only to watch television or to comply with the morning obligations, but to assume time of relationship of dialogue and communication among all. The cares of life can not absorb the time of what is most loved.

The key is to transform this time spent with children, be it much or little, in quality time and above all, that are moments to enjoy, such as shopping, making food together, promote unity, making each moment be unforgettable.

Programming special activities during the week will be a good way to acquire a personal commitment with the family, shared experiences improve interpersonal relationships, tolerance and love as a couple and it is so important to share time, which will help to have alternatives of solution to the parents in front of the different situations of parenting.

Part of the process is to separate the electronic devices while you are at home, so that nothing interrupts or damages the communication. You should establish a behavior routine at home, being clear that the difficulties of work and stress during the day are not It can fall on the children and much less on the couple, after they get home everything will be new and the outside stays outside, this will avoid family troubles and stress.

Planning to watch movies, make games at home, listen to music, dance, time for dialogue and activities with children will be very valuable for the family and will be memories that little ones will never forget.

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