Pretty names for girl

Pretty names for girl

Starting to think of the baby's name is a general rule from the moment we know if she is a girl or a boy. A name that is representative, meaningful and meets all the expectations we have is desired. But, everyone knows that it is not an easy task; And, for that reason, in this post some names with meaning will be given as inspiring ideas and, why not, with which one can identify in some way.

Tips when choosing the girl's name

- First, make a list of beautiful names for girls: make a list with the names that you like the most or with which you find a greater identification. To get an idea about this, you can consult the official statistics provided by the National Institute of Statistics (INE); there you will find a wide variety of names, among which you can find the most used today.

- After making the list, saying the names out loud can help, since you can locate the accent and hear the name in different contexts - affectionate, abbreviated or, for example, in a diminutive way. In addition, beyond familiarizing yourself with the phonetics of the name, you can try with the surnames, in order to have a more precise idea of ​​what their combination sounds like.

- Another way to make sure that the combination of the name with the surnames is correct is to write the initials and check how they complement each other.

- The choice of the name can also be based on the names of people who are held in esteem and want to remember - although this is a little used custom today. Sometimes it can be very useful when making derivations or combining it with some other name.

- The ease and practicality should also be taken into account when someone refers to the girl. If the name is difficult to pronounce, you will have to constantly explain how it is spelled and pronounced correctly.

- And, most importantly, choose the name without haste: you have to try to follow all the steps outlined above and remember that there are nine months ahead to select the perfect name. Cheer up!

Meaningful name ideas

If you don't know where to start and you want to have a first contact with some of the most used names in different languages, then we propose the following list.

- Germany

Ada: Ada is an unusual name and of German origin. In this case, the name refers to feminine beauty. Ada is the diminutive of Adelaida, which means nobility.

Carla: this is a name of Germanic origin and refers to the strong and powerful.

Charlotte: like the previous name, due to the relationship between both names, this one also refers to strength, to the strong and powerful woman. She comes from Carlota, with which, she is of German origin. The great intellectual, philosopher and writer, J. Wolfgang von Goethe, uses this name in his novel Die Leiden des jungen Werthers, to refer to the woman with whom the protagonist falls madly in love, Werther.

Emma: unlike the name Ada, this one is very common and used generation after generation: it never stops being a trend! It means strong woman. It is worth mentioning that Emma is the name that the famous French writer Gustave Flaubert, very influenced by the German literary tradition, decides to give to the idealistic and romantic Madame Bovary.

- France

April: It means the new time, referring to spring. In France it is a very common name and refers to the French medieval tradition, since it is with the Cathars, from Provence, that spring begins to be a perfect time to use as a context in their stories. For example, troubadour poetry, and the song to the midons that poets make, usually take this period of the year as a context.

Adrienne: It comes from the name Adriana, which refers to the person who comes from the sea.

Anne: This is also a fairly common name. It comes from Ana, which means a woman with grace and compassion.

Angéle: this name comes from the field of theology, of religion, since it is closely related to the Christian tradition. Specifically, this name was used in the most believing circles, since it refers to the one sent by God.

Elies: of French origin, it comes from the name Elisabeth. Although its meaning is somewhat diffuse and unknown, it can be said that it is one of the most common names in France.

- English speaking areas

Amy: This is a very sweet name, and, like the one it came from, Amanda, it means beloved.

Chloe: This name is one of the most used and used in many countries. Although the meaning of the name is not clear, it is known that it has crossed the borders of England and has positioned itself among the most common names in countries such as Spain.

Emily: If you want to represent your daughter as a sweet, hard-working and hard-working person, this will be the perfect name. It comes, as a variant, from the Latin name Emilia.

- Italy

Allegra: derives from the name Allegro and means that which is happy. Hence, it is used in the musical field as one of the times of "classical" music, since the rhythm and speed associated with this name denote joy and joviality.

Arianna: this name is not of Latin or Italian origin; It comes from the Greek name Ari-agné, and its meaning is purity and chastity.

Bianca: it is a name of Italian origin, and its meaning is brilliant woman.

Idara: it is a name derived from Latin: Ita. Represents and refers to the organized person.

- Spain

Anya: the origin of this name is far from the Iberian Peninsula, Russia. It has as meaning woman with great grace.

Laura: this may be the most common name in Spain for a long time. It refers to the evergreen tree that is the laurel. Greek tradition tells that Daphne, tirelessly fleeing from Apollo's seduction, asked her father for help, who, as an alternative, decided, as a river god, to transform her daughter into a laurel. The majestic sculpture of Bernini, Apollo and Daphne, refers to the moment in which Daphne is transformed into this type of tree.

Miranda: this name is of Latin origin and refers to the wonderful woman, the admired woman.

Vera: This name has been very famous in Spain for the last 10 years. It finds its origin in the Latin word verus, which refers to what is relative to the truth and what is true.

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