Infant Gas: Treating and Preventing Baby Gas – Jyoko

Infant Gas: Treating and Preventing Baby Gas – Jyoko

The gases in babies are characterized as an accumulation of air in the intestine of the child, which by not being expelled correctly can be causing pain and discomfort, making them more vulnerable in their digestion.

Since babies are born, they will always need help from their caregivers to expel the gases, a procedure that must be done correctly and with adequate positions to avoid the retention of air in the stomach.

To get the gas, parents must identify the times when they should be expelled, since some babies need to do it in short periods of time, before changing breast or at the end of eating. The parents must identify according to the baby's reaction to eating, if they feel uncomfortable or have discomfort during their feeding, this will determine if gas should be expelled every five minutes or at the end of the milk intake.

This expulsion of gases must always be carried out in appropriate postures, determining which is the one that can favor the most to the children and which facilitates the performance of the morning procedure.

One of the recommended positions is to place them in a straight line, on the chest at the height of the caregiver's shoulder, while gently patting the back, keeping them in that position for at least 20 minutes always after feeding.

Another way is, while they are loaded, place them face down with one hand in the stomach by tapping them gently on the back for the expulsion of air and gases retained.

You can also sit while you are holding your chin, tapping them on the back, it is important that when you put them in that position be very careful with the spine, because when sitting down, it should not be done in the same way as a child much larger.

The way to determine if the babies have expelled the gases, is to listen to small burps, where it will be very normal to be spit out small quantities of milk, this happens because of the immaturity of their digestive system that does not allow them to retain vomit

After they finish eating, it is not recommended to play with them, nor to shake them, since this will make the little ones swallow air and retain gases, it is better to keep them quiet, move them gently while they are in position for the expulsion of the gases.

It is also not advisable to lay them down after having eaten, since this position will not help them to get the gases out, it is better to put them vertically immediately after feeding them.

If you experience discomfort due to the accumulation of gas, you should be helped by frequent exercises with your legs in the form of a bicycle or with massages that allow you to relieve pain, facilitating the release of air.

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