My baby sweats a lot | Moms Blog - Baby Blog

My baby sweats a lot | Moms Blog - Baby Blog

Most babies can have more sweating, when they sleep or eat, keeping in mind that this is something very natural in children.

When the body sweats is because it needs to eliminate excess heat to regulate body temperature, this operation occurs because the sweat glands produce moisture to level the interior temperature of the body as well as the outside, in babies this system has not yet matured at all, which causes them to sweat excessively or cool very quickly.

According to the Spanish Association of Pediatrics (AEP), they say that sweating is something very normal in these childhood stages, but in the same way you can avoid that this type of sweating is not excessive with previous care at home before materials that have contact with your skin or a lot of clothes on.

Children can sweat a lot because they are very warm and this is not always so good, usually some mothers are usually very careful at night with their babies so that they do not catch cold, sheltering them too much, but if the night is not so cold it can generate fatigue and discomfort during the night.

The idea is to be able to identify at what moment it is necessary to shelter them a little more, this depending on the environments in which they are going to be, in order to choose the most appropriate clothing, even in winter times.

Likewise, babies should be kept well hydrated, since when sweating a lot, they will lose fluids that, when not recovered, can affect the health of the children, presenting weakness and discomfort.

If they are younger than six months it is better to ask the pediatrician if you can give him water besides the milk. For those who have a year and more, it is recommended to supplement the diet with water at least one glass per day, remembering that 70% of the body of the human being consists of water, if there is excessive sweating, it must be very pending of its hydration.

Factors that should be taken into account are the use of appropriate clothing used according to the climate, with materials that allow easy perspiration and that do not cause allergies or cause increased sweating.

For example, in summer, it is advisable to use hammocks, as they will allow you to maintain and regulate your temperature in relation to the outside temperature. In fact, our hammocks have this characteristic: they are breathable and have been made with the best materials, making them cool and allowing air and summer breezes to circulate. 

If it is very cold in the place or room, try to condition the environment so that the child can regulate its body temperature more easily; it is not good to keep them in very closed-in places with very hot or very low temperatures.

If any reaction is identified in children, such as fatigue, loss of appetite, vomiting, it may be due to a strong temperature change and low body regulation, so the child's temperature should be measured immediately and the paediatrician should be consulted.

As parents, we must learn how to manage clothing and materials that are suitable for the needs of children in different climates, so as not to affect their health and so that they can adapt easily to their environment.

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