Ideal air conditioning temperature for your baby

Ideal air conditioning temperature for your baby

Knowing what a baby's comfort temperature is is not an easy task. The little ones in the house cannot express whether they are hot or cold and parents often do not know what to do with the air conditioning systems. In this article we explain what is the ideal air conditioning temperature for your baby and how with a few simple tricks you can save on your electricity bills.


Rates that promote savings


Before telling you how to achieve the greatest comfort for your baby, we explain how to choose the best electricity rate for your home. To begin with, we do not have to contract based solely on the price of the cheapest kWh, but we must also attend to our energy needs and our specific habits. In the free market there are different rates offered by well-known companies such as Endesa or Iberdrola, but also smaller ones such as Podo and Holaluz. Therefore, before contracting one of the rates of Endesa, Repsol or any other company, it is necessary to analyze our characteristics. For example, there are many consumers who spend higher energy at night, for them a nightly rate with the cheapest kWh price during those hours can be very profitable, and can be contracted with both EDP and Endesa and other companies.


Another aspect of our bill to assess is whether we have sufficient electrical power. Using an electric power calculator will help us to get out of doubts, we must bear in mind that this concept reflects the fixed term that is paid in the receipts, so if the power is high and we do not need it, we will be paying more in all our invoices. It can also happen that in a home the conditions have changed (more inhabitants, more electrical appliances, etc.) and it is necessary to increase the contracted power, this procedure can be requested with Iberdrola, Naturgy and most of the marketers.


Tips for using the air conditioner when there is a baby at home


Next, we explain what you can do with the air conditioning so that your baby is comfortable and, in addition, you save energy:


- Using the air conditioning thermostat will be key to controlling the temperature. It should be between 21º and 24º and we can buy portable thermometers to ensure the temperature of the rooms. At night the ideal is that in the child's room there is a temperature between 19º and 21º.

- Do not place the child in front of an air conditioner. It is not good that the little one is exposed so directly to this cold air since it can catch a cold.

- Use the eco mode of the air conditioner. This mode requires less energy to operate, therefore, the savings will be noticed in the electricity bill.

-              Fresh clothes. It is summer and the child also has to feel comfortable in the clothes that his parents put on him. Opting for shorts, bodysuits or cotton shirts that breathe properly will be the best.

- Touch his neck and forehead to check the baby's temperature. These body parts will reflect whether the little one is hot or cold. Bathing them often is also a good alternative to combat high temperatures.


Finally, it is advisable to have a humidifier in the home so that the air quality in the house is better, even if the air conditioner is used. It will be beneficial for both the little one and the adults in the house, you can read more about it in this link.

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