How to work emotional education in babies - Jyoko

How to work emotional education in babies - Jyoko

The affectivity in the little ones and the attention to their emotional needs have a great importance in the emotional harmony of the baby, the affection is fundamental in how the child can develop in the world, growing without fears and very sure of himself.

When she cries she is expressing a need that is often not easy to understand but that must be attended immediately to find out what she wants to express, physical contact is fundamental for an adequate psycho affective process, because if she cries it is necessary to calm her need by responding to what is asking or needing.

That physical expression is what the baby grasps understanding that if he needs love and receives it, it is important, worthy of being loved and respected.

These small things forge a balance in the emotions of the baby directly influencing the conscience of the child, the bond created by close people especially with the mother will be emotionally enduring.

 During birth to 18 months will be the most important time to establish positive attachment, the experiences that are experienced in this stage influence the development of skills to establish healthy links with other people, capturing the values ​​that are infused to itself and reflect them when they grow up, these values ​​are based on respect, love and sincere friendship.

Every affection, word and affection that is offered to the child will create a self-image of the same, the supply of these emotional needs will make it feel that it has a value and that it is very important.

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