How to strengthen the character of our children

How to strengthen the character of our children


We know that within the processes of raising our children it is important to help them form a character that allows them to face different situations in life.

Children in their training need foundations to help them move forward and achieve what they propose independently, avoiding creating dependent behavior patterns in them that limit the sense of responsibility and autonomy.

Part of these bases must be focused on the way they behave, how they manage their temperament and regulate their emotions.

For this, it is necessary to implement some aspects that will be of vital importance to form the character of the little ones.

Reinforce them positively: It is important to highlight in them the good attitudes, talents and abilities that they possess, motivating them to continue with their good acts and positive behaviors, trying to highlight more the qualities than the defects.

Avoid generalizing: If your children make a mistake, do not generalize telling them that they always behave like this, many times we can use incorrect words to justify our anger at that moment, for example; why you behaved that way, "you always misbehave." These words only disqualify by making them assume that what they are does not adapt to what others want. It is better that when we see an error in our children, we correct them with words that strengthen their self-esteem, making them realize their mistake, motivating them to meditate on it so that it is not repeated.

Establish limits: Limits allow them to recognize how far they can go, achieving awareness of why and how they do things, giving them security regarding what is happening around them and to have control of themselves.

Give responsibilities: From an early age, they can be guided to contribute with small activities at home and some collaborative actions, such as watering plants, picking up toys, helping to organize their room, etc. Responsibilities forge character, discipline, perseverance and perseverance.

Not being the best friend of your children: Wanting to be friends with our children is a mistake that only weakens their character, parents are here to guide and help them, base them with values ​​and correct them when they need it.

Promote good deeds: This step is important for character development, teaching them that they can help others by linking them as volunteers in places of charity, teaching them to think about the people who need it, they are important aspects that help increase compassion in them. , generate greater sensitivity and empathy towards others.

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