How to bathe a newborn baby - Jyoko

How to bathe a newborn baby - Jyoko

One of the biggest challenges for new parents is to bathe your little one who has just been born and although it may seem a difficult task, with some tips that are applied in a practical way will allow you to master the subject perfectly.

As a first step, it is necessary to know that there is no need to bathe the baby every day. According to experts, the daily bath can dry your skin, it is advisable to bathe at least every third day, to maintain good hygiene.

There are various theories on whether it is good or not to bathe the baby before the navel healing, although the Spanish Association of Pediatrics ensures, in not having any inconvenience in bathing, as long as the navel is adequately and carefully dried, although, if not you have the full security of doing it, you can perform sponge baths, for at least three weeks until the navel heals.

To start the bath, you should check that the bathtub is not too full. With about 15 cm of water height that is ideal for bathing, taking into account that the water temperature should be appropriate (at least about 32 degrees Celsius) it is best to check it before putting the baby, with a elbow or with the help of a thermometer.

You must prepare the room's environment, at about 22 degrees Celsius for when the baby comes out of the tub, close windows and doors to keep warm.

Before starting the bath it is better to have everything at hand, a soapy cloth, baby soap, a towel and a clean diaper.

At the time of submerging, do it gradually with your back on the tub, it is better to hold your head and neck with one hand, keeping it comfortable, making you enjoy your bath and relax.

The water can be poured slowly into the body of the baby and then soap with a soft cloth or sponge, not much pressure should be done when cleaning, much less use a lot of soap.

Wash the folds of your body and your private parts with great delicacy, in the case of girls it is important to clean your intimate area from front to back, with the purpose of not carrying waste from feces to your vagina, washing your lips well children and adults without pressing.

When removing it, it should be wrapped in a towel and dried gently without forgetting the folds of the skin. Then you should necessarily apply a neutral moisturizing cream without perfume and that is hypo allergenic.


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