How to remove hiccups from babies – Jyoko

How to remove hiccups from babies – Jyoko

Hiccups in babies are very common and more often in newborns, they regularly occur during the first six months of life, although this is very normal to happen can be uncomfortable, often causing concern for their parents.

Hiccups are caused in children by having too much stomach, eating very fast, or when they swallow air while eating, due to the low maturational development of the digestive system and nervous system, the diaphragm is usually contracted causing spasms, the retained air produces the closure of the vocal cords creating the particular annoying sound that everyone already knows.

There are some possible solutions that prevent hiccups from being caused. You must determine the level of anxiety that babies have at the time of eating that will make them drink milk insatiably, it is important that in this case they try to give some breaks in their diet, at the end of the first feeding it is better to place them upright and with gentle pats help them to expel air, then if the second take.

If you take a bottle, you should avoid that the hole is too big so that they do not get stuck while drinking and that their breathing is not affected.

Part of the process of feeding children is to ensure that they have a good posture, because if the location before the nipple grip is not correct can also cause babies to hiccup, the correct position is neither very lying down or very raised , if not opt ​​for a semi-incorporated position.

In the same way after they are fed, it is not necessary to forget to carry out the common process to remove the gases, since, in addition to producing hiccups, reflux will also be promoted, it is recommended that after eating they should be placed in Vertical position for 20 to 30 minutes.

It is important to mention the importance of keeping children at a good temperature by avoiding drafts, closing windows while eating or sheltering them in order to maintain the body heat of babies.

Some massage can be done in the stomach in a soft and circular way with a little pressure that helps to remove the spasm, in the same way to place them vertically or face down on the caregiver's legs giving them pat on the back. Reclining them on the shoulder while they are massaged on the back will allow total relaxation including their diaphragm, helping them to easily expel the accumulated air.

The hiccups are not causing pain or crying in the baby, if a discomfort is identified or if the hiccup lasts a whole day, it is better to consult with the pediatrician.

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