How to make the baby move in the belly

How to make the baby move in the belly


During pregnancy, the greatest expectation of each mother is to be able to feel the movements of the baby while in the belly, being of great emotion when responding to different stimuli sent.

Pregnancy is a stage of mother and child connection, so it is very important that the mother avoid agitation or worry, the many activities make it impossible to enjoy pregnancy in the best way.

Babies usually start their movements from week 13, which is "where their embryonic process ends and the fetal period begins", at this stage it is very difficult to perceive the movements themselves, if there is movement it is usually perceive more as unexpected sensations of tingling, or heavy stomach, hunger or intestinal gas. The baby can only be perceived from the 16th or 25th week, where his movements are more frequent, feeling it with slight kicks and sudden movements.

There are ways to perceive movements and ways of how to make the baby move, stimulating those aspects that encourage a child's reaction of well-being and emotion to feel the contact of his parents.

The baby usually moves when there are changes in the internal area of ​​the mother's body, especially after eating, as blood sugar levels increase, making them more restless. For this reason if you want to perceive the baby, you can drink sugar water or some food that contains sweet to stimulate your movements.

Also the mother, can generate spaces of relaxation, lying on her back, breathe deeply relax and concentrate and imagine where the baby is, this exercise helps to perceive the slightest movements.

The colored lights, sounds, massages, music, talking to them, singing to them, will be a good way to stimulate their movements since they will generate an emotional and cognitive motivation that will lead them to react and express themselves through their movements.

It should be taken into account that in the womb, the baby also sleeps, this makes the movements not so continuous, it is important to identify their rest schedules.

Stress and worry make the baby hide and feel fear, so if there is concern about not feeling it, the only thing that will cause it to move less, it is better to manage calm and perform the procedures mentioned above. Similarly if the baby does not make any movement for a whole day, it is better to consult with the doctor immediately.

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