How should a baby sleep?

How should a baby sleep?

Many times, attention is not given to the form and condition that babies sleep, and although many parents strive to prevent accidents, there are several factors that must be taken into account. Here we will name some of them.

The temperature: it is something that must be regulated, the room must be at the correct temperature to avoid having to over-shelter them if they are not according to their body temperature. According to the experts the sleeping bags help to create sleep routines because of their comfort and optimal temperature, they will allow them more mobility, without fatiguing them and filling them with heat, avoiding the possibility of uncovering them, keeping their face uncovered, being warm without need to put on extra coats.

The sheets, blankets or pillow can cause suffocation. In countries such as the United States and Canada, they advise against using sheets and blankets in the crib because of the risk of sudden death.

It is best to replace these items with sleeping bags, in addition to being comfortable, they are considered a high security product.

Use pillows at such a short time: in the first months of life the baby's neck is short and this can cause bad postures, the head can be very inclined forward affecting his breathing, so ideally, is that the use of pillow is from 24 months of age, this pillow is small, very thin, and hypoallergenic material.

Babies should always sleep on their back: it is normal to want to change their position so that their back rests and their head is not affected, but this should only be done during naptime and under supervision, when sleeping alone at night, it is better to always be on your back, on a firm mattress and on a flat surface.

Do not cover your head when sleeping, much less wear hats, this can lead to overheating and may cause choking hazards. Clothing that has buttons or snaps should also be avoided, as this can affect the safety of babies.

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