How colors influence children - Baby Blog

How colors influence children - Baby Blog

Colors can have the power and ability to influence feelings in various ways, children's emotions can even generate effects of tranquility, improvement and even activate impulses of movement, this based on the perception of the frequency of the waves of light that emits each color, having a special relationship with the brain.

The characteristics of chromatic colors can not only attract the attention of babies in a special way, but can also influence their temperament and behavior very strongly.

According to studies carried out, they show that color in children's toys has a great influence on their character and personality. Colors are essential for the realization of stimuli that promote specific factors within the personality and their immediate state of mind.

 The Spanish association of pediatrics ensures that the red color in children's toys promotes dynamism and encourages movement, this color should be used in children who are very calm and passive, who need stimuli to motivate the movement.

The blue color favors the tranquility, relaxes and helps at bedtime, it should be more used in children who are very active and easily irritated. For children who have difficulty concentrating, acquiring yellow toys will help them with concentration and the development of intelligence, while orange toys brighten and promote activity, and if you want to promote relaxation, relaxation , white is the ideal color.

The green color relaxes the nervous system creating a sense of harmony, it will be ideal in resting places especially if it is a pastel green. Black is not recommended in children's environments because it can cause fear and can be depressive.

The colors are and will always be of great help for the learning processes of the children, being functional to recognize the usefulness of each of them to be able to involve them in each of the activities carried out at home, helping to improve their state of encouragement and the formation of their personality, adapting ideal environments for them, in their place of study, room or place of games and thus achieve a specific stimulus in their behavior and learning.
Knowing the importance of colors and the effect they produce can be a good tool when working with them and stimulating them in the best way.

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