Greats tips to get your baby with a babysitter

Greats tips to get your baby with a babysitter

Many mothers are afraid of leaving the care of their babies with other people because it is often thought that this can affect the affective bond that one has; but this is not necessarily the case, if proper procedures are performed.

We know that secure attachment is a necessary affective bond in the baby that allows him to develop skills to respond emotionally and socially in an appropriate way. When the mother responds to the needs of her child, maintains closeness, responds to his call and provides him with physical and emotional availability, she will promote his security and self-esteem.

According to the bonds that the baby has with her parents or caregivers, they will determine the way to relate throughout her life, if the baby has a secure attachment relationship with her caregiver, she will also acquire the security to explore her environment. Thus, the bond or secure attachment will not be damaged, even if the mother has long hours of absence from her work, only if before leaving or when she returns she shows affective availability with the child and maintains daily routines that allow her to impart love and carry out activities together.

This separation can become difficult for the mother as well as for the baby, so it is important to oversee the process and also follow the following tips:

- Leave them with loving people: Leave him in the care of a person who gives him a lot of love and care so that a close relationship can be formed that promotes security and tranquility, gives him everything he requires, not only physically but also emotionally.

- Avoid constant changes of caregivers: The idea is to promote a close relationship between caregiver and the baby, by changing caregivers on a regular basis, the affective bond that should develop in the baby will break.

- Leave an object or blanket: Leaving them with a mother's blanket or pillow allows the child to feel her mother close.

- Manage anxiety: Mothers also experience the separation process, which is normal for them to have anxiety about knowing how the baby is doing, which is why it is important to find people who are suitable for care and with experience to have greater peace of mind.

- Leave everything in writing to the caregiver: Meal times, diaper changes and routines that he used to do with the mother so that the baby does not have difficulty adjusting.

The separation process can be difficult for any mother, as well as for babies, but if the above recommendations are taken into account, we can make everything more bearable, respecting quality times and sharing times so that the relationship with children is always well founded and in turn the emotional needs they require can be met.

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