Early use of social media in children

Early use of social media in children

Our children are being part of the technological world, everything that surrounds them determines the fact of living with technology, new teaching methods, the way they invest their free time and so on, make children from their young age make use of internet and the entire system it offers.

New technologies have also modified the way our little ones relate, social networks are part of that modification, occupying an important place in the way of communicating and expressing.

According to studies it has been determined that children from 5 to 8 years old use social networks more for the use of games, while, from the age of nine, children prioritize them as a social utility, being adopted into their lifestyle. .

Although there are already many children who are part of social networks, most are unaware of the concepts and care that must be taken in the face of this medium, few receive adequate guidance in handling discursive protection resources in the midst of all technological advance It is there that children are often confused in the perception of reality and the virtual, somehow shaping the self-concept that leads them to seek approval, affecting self-esteem.

Although this mode of connection has become part of normality, it can bring behavioral disturbances in children such as:

Difficulty disconnecting, replacing favorite activities with the mobile, stopping practicing hobbies or activities that help their development, entering social networks as a means of relaxation or seeking calm, difficulties in maintaining sleep habits and routines appropriate to their age , eating disorders, increased anxiety, irritability, sudden mood swings, aggressiveness, tendency to hide the device.

Here we will give you some tips that can be put into practice to supervise the use of networks with our children.

-Be an example in network management, if children see their parents connected all the time, they will want to do the same.

-Be cautious by configuring the privacy of information on social networks so that your daughter or son is not exposed.

-Leave electronic devices out of the room at night.

-Explain the risks of inappropriate use of social networks.

-Turn off the wifi before bed.

-Encourage at home the importance of family sharing and spending more time together.

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