Children's mental development, benefits

Children's mental development, benefits

All children are curious by nature, from birth they are interested in the environment around them, at each stage children demonstrate a need to learn something new. The appropriate stimuli that are developed according to their stage, are important to potentiate the abilities and strengths of children.

According to studies, 90% of neural connections occur in the first years of life, adequate stimulation produces great changes in the functioning of the brain and in the mental development of children. A properly stimulated baby will be a much more sociable, joyous, more awake, expressive and much more attentive child.

This requires, in some way, that parents are interested in continually learning those things that allow children to develop their senses, motor and cognitive skills, offering them the opportunity to enrich their environment and promote their development from the first months of life. These stimuli can be through songs, games, textures, exercises, massages, smiles and a lot of affection. This range of possibilities allows parents to take the time to select in detail each activity that will be developed, making sure that they are structured according to the neurological needs of the little ones in order not to overload them or demand goals that are out of his psychomotor scope.

The advice of professionals in the stimulation area is essential to learn and be able to carry out the processes properly, taking into account that there are simple exercises and stimuli that can be performed at home according to the age of each child.

It is recommended that each stimulation session be performed two to three times a week maximum, with a duration of 45 minutes each, if more time is performed, it will only generate one over stimulation. Remember that the amount of time is not what promotes the result of the stimulus, but is the effectiveness of the activities that are carried out.

Below, we will introduce you to other benefits of proper stimulation in children:

1. It helps the development of brain functions at different levels, both cognitive, motor, socio-affective and language.
2. 2. It allows an adequate development of physiological, social and learning conditions.
3. 3. It develops its language, minimizing the difficulties of expression and pronunciation of certain words or letters, making them much more expressive and eloquent.
4. 4. It allows an increase in concentration making them much more attentive, and when carrying out a task, they finish it without interruptions.
5. 5. Develops motor skills, flexibility, greater balance and coordination, which will allow them to have greater ability to execute any sport.
6. 6. Strengthens attachment due to the contact they have permanently with their parents, strengthening the affective bonds.
7. 7. It allows the maturation of learning and its psychomotor area, minimizing the possibility of presenting difficulties with writing and learning

Adequate stimulation is recommended from three months of age.

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