Characteristics of a 6 Month Baby

Characteristics of a 6 Month Baby

The development of the baby at this age, allows to see notable changes in the development that shows freedom of movement, where his head, back, arms and legs have greater ability, his behavior changes having more advanced behaviors and reactions than in the previous months , so much so, that they cannot be alone for a single second.

One of its movement characteristics will be reflected in the turn of your head, making it easier to find something or someone specific, since the muscles of your body have been strengthened during the growth process.
It will show a better neck strength, which will allow you to hold your head for much longer while lying on your stomach, if you are on your back, you will have the ease of raising your head to bring your body forward, although it will be much easier to give back and forth, being a way for him to mobilize, here also at this stage he will be able to sit down, being in a firm position for longer.
You can get up with your hands and put yourself in a crawling position, while on your knees held with your hands, you will start rocking from back to front.

The child's behavior will also be part of the change, here his understanding of the things and situations that revolve around him is more developed, always wanting to be the center of attention, so he will seek to attract attention, having behaviors of discomfort, tantrums, or With simple sounds and babbling he will manage to get attention to him, these behaviors are an important part of his socialization process in his development, here the baby will value the company of parents and caregivers much more enjoying it to the fullest.

It is here the perfect moment, where you can redirect your behaviors and attitudes, leading you to understand what is wrong and also what you did well, congratulating and praising him for something good, even if it is small, to stimulate his safety at what he does daily, making the correct corrections correctly, emphasizing the tones of voice in a warm but explanatory way so that the baby understands the information sent.

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