Benefits of using cotton on babies

Benefits of using cotton on babies

For us as parents it is essential to make our babies feel comfortable with their clothes every day and wherever they are, even in the elements we use, such as a car seat, stroller and others, we want their materials to be the best to avoid discomfort and not produce any type of allergies.

According to studies, the skin of babies is five times thinner than that of adults, which makes them much more sensitive to friction and discomfort when in contact with fabrics or tissues that are not suitable according to their needs.
Cotton has been one of the most used textiles in children's clothing for decades for its multiple benefits, thanks to the fact that cotton, being a fiber of natural origin and not created by man, is free of chemicals.

Part of the benefits of cotton are freshness, comfort, among others that we will tell you below:

-It is hypoallergenic which makes babies' skin not irritate or generate allergies.
-Helps to maintain the adequate temperature avoiding the perspiration of children
-It is an absorbent material, which allows the skin to transpire properly, absorbing the moisture produced by sweat.
-It is a material that helps insulate the cold.
-No fungus is formed on the garments, thanks to the fact that its fibers allow air to circulate easily between its fabrics.
-Unlike other materials, it allows washing at a maximum temperature of 30ºC to 40ºC in the washing machine, without it deforming or discoloring, it is ideal for use with babies, since it allows it to be sterilized.
-It is easy to clean, does not fluff away unlike other fabrics and resists several washes.
-Cotton fibers are soft, allowing baby to feel comfortable.
-Cotton fabrics are durable, easy to wash and stains are easier to clean.
-Cotton, in addition to being a natural fiber, is biodegradable, allowing minimal environmental impact.

Synthetic fabrics or garments made of polyester are artificial materials created by petroleum products, not suitable for babies.
Synthetic materials and cotton can be differentiated by their texture, polyester garments are light, perfect for sports and more for use in adults, one of its characteristics is that in summer they tend to feel much more humid, also when they are mixed with other materials, it can cause allergies and itching when used in children. For this reason it is always advisable to look at the label of the garments to confirm their composition.

For this reason, Jyoko, thinking of you and the well-being of the little ones, manufactures its products with materials made of cotton, considering it as the best baby textile, for the care of its skin and comfort.

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