Baby development at 10 months

Baby development at 10 months

The ten months is an age where the muscles of your body are strengthening, wanting to be standing for a few moments, will be taken from the railings of the crib, the wall, etc., although it begins to walk within the year towards 15 months, you can move with short steps still not very firm, with the help of your caregivers.

This activity is of great importance as a means before the march, as while holding it is strengthening the muscles of your legs, hips, back, and spine and will give you greater balance. The thing to keep in mind is, that you should not stand for a long time, because your muscles are not yet optimally strengthened and can affect you.

While the baby moves it is better that he does not have shoes, since the sensations that he can perceive with his feet, will be part of the assimilation of his environment, although, if it is cold, if it is better non-slip socks.
An important part of the advances that will be seen, is in the language, will not want to stop talking, wants to know the names of each thing, of everything that moves, what makes it important to be in constant communication with him, although he is not yet understand, babble, every gesture and sound, is part of his way of communicating and expressing what he feels and wants, he must be stimulated with sounds and words, conversations that lead him to express himself more and more, so that he also develops All your communication capabilities.

Here you can start activities in which you explore with paint, obviously non-toxic, to stimulate your sensory area, which will help you be more aware, awake and attentive to the recognition of new textures, colors and sensations, this should be complemented with materials according to their age, such as fabrics, corrugated pads, papers so that you only take and feel with your hand.
The dream is fundamental for him, the fact of doing more things and having a constant movement, will make him get a little more tired, for this reason it is necessary to have clear the sleep schedules and how to sleep the baby.
Managing daily routines will make you more confident, increase your self-esteem and make you feel protected, and allows you to understand what are the activities you are going to do every day, achieving greater confidence in yourself and your environment.

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