A child's optimistic diary during Covid19

A child's optimistic diary during Covid19

Who was going to tell us at the beginning of the year that we would be confined at home for so long? Not many would have guessed right but the reality is that it was and little by little it will remain as a strange memory of the past.

Each one will remember how he lived these days and what positive things he got out of this period. Did you learn to cook new recipes? Did you discover that your son was an artist and did you send us one of the precious drawings that we have shared on our Instagram? Or maybe you confirmed that you and your neighbors do not have the same musical taste? Be that as it may, if there is someone whom this has misplaced, it has been the children of the house.

School closed, extracurricular activities canceled, inability to see their friends ... A discouraging panorama for them and a new reality that they have had to understand little by little and with our help.

In this context, today we want to tell you about Bosco, an 8-year-old boy who on March 16 decided to start a newspaper with the idea of ​​capturing his day-to-day with very different topics: An experience lived at home, a book read, the effect of this pandemic in the environment, the value of friendship or your feelings among many other issues. All this mixed with the optimism that characterizes him.

With his mother already helping him in the project, his grandparents, friends and more family members decided to do their bit by contributing their own illustrations, ideas and experiences so that the newspaper would take more and more shape and be a more collaborative and co-created newspaper between everybody.

With the newspaper finished, the idea that led us to dedicate these lines to it emerged. And it is that Bosco understood, as a result of one of the books read and moments lived, that there are children who constantly live in a confinement, and not in their homes: hospitalized children. On Thursday, April 23, boys and girls from different hospitals in Spain received a video from Bosco encouraging them and wishing them a speedy recovery along with a digital copy of the newspaper.

Now he has a new goal: to be able to edit his diary for the day of the book, postponed this year until July 23 and thus allocate all the money he raises to the investigation of children's diseases.

Of course, it is an initiative that has caught our attention and we encourage you to take a look at the crowfunding campaign that both Bosco and his mother Julia have launched to achieve their goal and to be able to edit the newspaper. And by the way you will have on your shelves a book that is worth being looked at by both children and adults, since sometimes, why not say it, we are less optimistic than we should be in times when being pessimistic seems the easiest ... until a child arrives and shows you otherwise.

Oh, and the Journal contains an interesting extra: each experience is related to one of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) so that children - and adults - take them into account, learn them and start practicing them: because they are the worksheet route to be able to rewrite together all the new world we want. We join, as Bosco says, "make the things we want to happen happen?". Together we add and it is together that we are going to get out of this. It is no longer worth waiting for others to make the changes. Let's be part of them.

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