Trendy hairstyles 2022

Por Jyoko

Just starting the year is the best time to look for a change of look, and what better way to do it than with the trends that are coming in 2022. Even though we’ve only set foot in 2022, all the new hair fashions that will be filling the salons are already on the horizon, so don’t get left behind and see what this new year has to offer.


This year brings with it an emerging trend in gelled, wet-look, glossy, slicked back, bare-faced, 90’s style hairstyles. Whether your hair is mid-back or shoulder length, the slicked back bob is a perfect hairstyle for those with straight hair who want to go for a bold and fashionable look.


If your hair is naturally curly or wavy, you’ve probably spent much of your life straightening it and struggling with your natural mane, but this 2022 is about accepting yourself and appreciating the naturalness of your hair. So put away the blow dryer and straightening and start enhancing your curls and allowing them to move freely.


Wherever you are, bobs are becoming a trend with more and more weight and speed, as these short, symmetrical hairstyles have a modern look and require minimal care and can be worn with any hair texture, with or without bangs. This trend is part of the fashion to cut a large amount of hair, as a way to start from scratch in this new year.


In a tousled, carefree way, these styles are characterized by a layered cut with a wavy texture without much definition, much in the style of 70’s rock bands. Whether with bangs or without, these cuts are a result of all the carefree growth that has come with multiple forties, which has formed as a retro cut in itself very easy to wear.


Similar to the 80’s updos that were worn among the punk subcultures, these grabbed hair looks are worn with the hair slicked back and a wet look, and the chignon with several strands sticking out as spikes. A modern statement look that you can wear for any occasion.


If there is one thing that is definitely trending in 2022, it is that layered hairstyles are the best option, benefiting volume and movement over straight and very structured cuts. This year, freedom is everything, and layers allow you to take your hair natural while maintaining a bold and chic look.


Forget the days of side parting your hair, today’s trend is to wear it in the middle, creating volume at the roots and using symmetry to give more room for movement and other eye-catching elements in your hairstyle.

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