The handbag you love: Tote Bag

Por Jyoko

The tote bag is one of the unpredictable items that can’t be missing in your closet. Some bags of this style are made of leather and others of cotton ideal for the office, outing with friends, or a casual outing.

bolso jyokoRegardless of the color, a tote bag is a bag that does not go out of fashion and despite the time will always receive elegios for its elegant design.

Most of them are made of durable, waterproof canvas and have a drawstring body inside the lining that allows for neat packing. Inside, it has slip pockets, a zippered pocket.

Buying one of these bags is one of the best investments you can make as they will never go out of style.

When we talk about a perfect bag we always want one that gives us versatility, practicality, that is big and beautiful and that is the tote bag, with the passage of time has been able to adapt with different designs and prints, but always remains successful despite variations in fashion. However, they have maintained that unique style that leaves many breathless.

Jyoko Tote bag, is established as a must for any season, not only for its design, but also for the unique prints that will make more than one fall in love. Being an ideal bag for girls / boys that we love to carry everything from cell phone to Tablet. Being a unique accessory that allows us to carry everything without losing style in one place.

tote bagEach tote, has a strap that you can wear it crossed, on the shoulder or without the strap and carry it in your hand allowing you to adapt it to your rhythm and style, giving a plus to that casual or office outfit that many of us love, when we want to wear different styles but with the same bag.

This essential accessory for every fashion lover and being a commitment to comfort made by the fashion industry, this is a breath of air and innovate from the typical big bag to a smaller one but with the same capacity. In addition, it provides styling and a plus confirming that the totes bag remains trendy, without sacrificing comfort no matter where you go.

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