The benefits of summer carrying

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Although for some people, babywearing is not very well regarded, because they think that carrying a baby in this way is deforming or atrophying the baby’s body. We recognize that babywearing is a way of carrying a baby that offers countless benefits to the baby.

portabebés jyokoWhy do we recommend babycarrier?

The baby carrier offers great benefits to the baby because the position allows physical contact and in turn provides peace of mind and security to the baby, allows contact between the mother and the baby, among other benefits that we mention below:

  • It allows eye contact between mother and baby constantly.
  • The baby can feel your breathing and the warmth of your body, plus you can kiss him more easily and constantly.
  • It offers you greater maneuverability of the baby.
  • It stimulates baby’s development.
  • Helps you distribute the weight on your body facilitating mobility.

Benefits of summer babycarrier

In short, carrying our baby is one of the most pleasant and unforgettable experiences, but in the summer we must follow some recommendations to avoid excessive heat or exposure to the sun’s rays of our little one, or excessive sweating and we can get great benefits to carry in summer.

Among the benefits of summer babycarrier we can mention the following:

  1. Regulates the temperature: Your baby will be cooler with you, even though you may think otherwise, and is that babies can increase their temperature 3 to 5 times faster than an adult because they do not regulate their body temperature well. That is why when your baby is being carried by you, he/she is in direct contact with you and that way the temperature of both of you is automatically thermoregulated.
  2. Allows you to safely monitor your baby: Since you can watch him constantly, you can be aware of his hydration, that he does not suffocate, that his airways are clear, that he is protected from the sun’s rays, among other things.
  3. Acquires Vitamin D: Carrying the baby in summer and exposing the baby to the sun in a prudent way and at certain hours, the baby can acquire Vitamin D, which is important for the development of his bones.
  4. They help the regulation of the defensive system.
  5. Strengthens the mother-child bond.

porteo jyokoRecommendations for summer babycarrier

In order for you to enjoy the great benefits of carrying your baby in summer, you should take into account the following recommendations:

⮚ Avoid skin-to-skin contact as this increases heat and sweating.

⮚ Use cool fabric carriers such as sling fabric carriers that are single layer and are 100% cotton.

⮚ Take care not to expose their little head too much to the sun.

⮚ Do not carry during the hottest hours.

⮚ Use breathable clothing.

⮚ Carry water to hydrate the baby and if you are breastfeeding breastfeed more frequently than normal.

⮚ We recommend that you use the hip carry knot as it leaves a large part of the torso free or the half cross wrap knot which is quite cool.

Enjoy this summer in the best way with your baby!

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