Taking care of yourself in order to take care of yourself: The Moon in your Natal Chart

Por Paula Saccon

To take care of oneself, one must first take care of oneself

And that is what the Moon in the Natal Chart is all about: how to take care of ourselves, how to nurture ourselves and feel sheltered.

Luna carta natalIn the Natal Chart we can see different “planets” and each one fulfills a function. In the case of the moon that function governs the unconscious and the primary emotional world: What do we need to feel emotionally nourished and safe?

When we become mothers, having our moon well nourished gives us energy and strength to be able to nurture our baby. Knowing the baby’s moon gives us the tools to nurture the baby. It seems obvious but sometimes we forget that each one of us is a unique being and maybe what soothes and nourishes me does not soothe and nourish you.

On the other hand, it often seems that nurturing is associated with hugs and cuddles, but there are people who get anxious or nervous with hugs and cuddles. So, what are you waiting for to know in depth what gives nutrition, tranquility, nest and shelter according to your natal chart?

Here I will leave you a brief summary with some tips for each Moon at this stage, although it is best to make a consultation* (see below) with a professional astrologer because the sign is only a part of what the Moon is in the Natal Chart (you also have to look at the house and the aspects that the Moon makes).

  • If your Moon is in Aries: Do things alone, do sports, undertake, compete, initiate (try not to fight so much).
  • If your Moon is in Taurus: Go at a slow pace, sleep, eat, dance, manual/artistic activities, save money (try not to fall into abulia).
  • If your Moon is in Gemini: Communicate with peers, learn, read, write, sign up for a course (try to process the information you incorporate).
  • If your Moon is in Cancer: Look at family photo albums, make your family tree, be at home, cook at home, sofa-blanket with your family (try to respect the air of others).
  • If your Moon is in Leo: Take pictures, dress up, dare to attract attention, collect the best facts of your life to make a story, sign up for theater, connect with your inner artist (try not to wait for the applause of others).
  • If your Moon is in Virgo: Tidy the closets, clean the house, breathe and meditate, plan your healthy habits with tranquility (try not to obsess).
  • If your Moon is in Libra: Decorate your home, put some essence that you like, get a beauty treatment, give yourself flowers, connect with art and beauty (try not to be so aware of appearances with others).
  • If your Moon is in Scorpio: Watch a thriller, read a self-help or esoteric book, have a therapy session, learn energy cleansing (try not to cling to control).
  • If your Moon is in Sagittarius: Go on an outdoor adventure (even if it’s just a walk with your baby), plan your next family trip, read books on philosophy or spirituality, practice mindfulness (try not to fall into excesses).
  • If your Moon is in Capricorn: Program your next goals in a realistic way and according to your new reality, enjoy the here/now with your baby, organize the routines of the house (try to lower the demands on yourself and do not live too much in the goals and miss this unique moment).
  • If your Moon is in Aquarius: Connect with different and original people, connect in networks, encourage yourself to be an original mommy and do not blame yourself if you do not want to be attached to your baby all the time, follow your unique instinct and create your own free system (try not to be overwhelmed by the lack of freedom, think that these are stages that will end later and you will recover your air).
  • If your Moon is in Pisces: Visualize and meditate, put on relaxing music, feel how your soul connects with that of your baby, imagine beautiful things around him, let yourself go by your dreams and your instinct (try not to go too much to the clouds).

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