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Por Jyoko

You have probably thought that environmental changes are the sole and exclusive responsibility of companies related to the oil, electronics or mining sectors. However, this problem includes all those companies that produce goods and services on a massive scale, including the textile sector.

For this reason, the fashion world has decided to take a step forward and do its part with the creation of sustainable fashion. I invite you to read to the end to find out what it is all about.

We are signing up to be part of the three R’s rule: Reduce-Reuse-Recycle.

What is sustainable fashion?

Sustainable fashion is the design and manufacture of clothing from natural fibers such as cellulose, cotton, bamboo and pigments of vegetable origin or recyclable material, such as paper or plastic. The latter, instead of being discarded, are used to make new garments and accessories.

But what is the reason for this new trend? This new design philosophy arises with the intention of promoting a much more ecological and environmentalist industry, but at the same time, sustainable fashion seeks to promote an ethic much more inclined towards social responsibility, being some of its main objectives to optimize the working conditions of employees in the textile sector, promote respect at ethnic level and encourage new ventures to give rise to new brands under an ecological seal.

¿Why is it so important to focus on sustainability?

At least 8,000 chemicals are used to transform raw materials into textile resources.

The textile industry releases between 40,000 and 50,000 tons of dye into water systems, being, together with the mining industry, one of the main pollutants worldwide.

Surely you did not imagine that the textile industry has such a marked impact on the environment, but it is actually one of the most polluting sectors, so sustainable fashion has become a necessity of vital importance for the conservation of the ecosystem.

¿What do companies or brands like JYOKO and JANABEBÉ that are really committed to being sustainable do?

We work on Ecodesign! We design with all processes in mind:

Zero waste: Every cut and fabric space is meticulously taken advantage of, a primordial concept taken into account in the design and composition of the patterns.

Quality designs that are totally timeless; designs with their own style and durable over time.

We work with fabrics that are highly resistant to wear, friction, rubbing and light, so that you can keep them as unique pieces intact over time despite their use.

From cradle to cradle: We carefully choose the fabrics thinking about improving the impact on the environment, for example: recycled cotton, recycled polyester.

Quality sustainable designs: Far removed from the soon-to-be fashionable and ephemeral, versatile designs that last over time.

¿How can we contribute?

¿Are you willing to exchange fast fashion for values?

When it comes to contributing to the conservation of the environment the best course of action we can take is to support those brands that are committed to sustainable fashion.

Additionally, you can always donate the clothes you no longer need, leave them at a clean point or even take them to thrift stores so they can be used.

Although complying with the principles of sustainability may seem complicated in ink, the truth is that practicing the values of ethical fashion on an individual basis is very simple.

Environmental conservation and social responsibility are aspects that must be improved in society so that, by being conscious, responsible and, above all, honest, sustainability will not only be a north, but a palpable reality.

Big changes start with small actions, and what better way to get started in the sustainable wave than in your closets and supporting brands that put the conservation of the ecosystem first. Variation: Talking about 100% sustainability is quite complicated even in the 21st century. However, I believe that practicing ethical fashion values on an individual basis is perfectly achievable. The most important thing when joining struggles such as environmental conservation and social responsibility is to be conscious, responsible and, above all, honest, living according to the philosophy we preach.

Big changes start with small actions, so I recommend that you start with your closets, reusing your clothes, extending their useful life and consuming when you need it, giving priority to local brands. Fast Fashion or Slow Fashion, consumerism will always be consumerism. The best way to balance our ecosystem is to balance our own habits.

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