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Por Jyoko

Surely it has happened to you that you are walking through the center of your city and you see a woman wearing a stylish and modern look that you wish you had, but how to incorporate the Street style of 2022 to your closet? And, above all, which pieces and colors are the must-haves in your closet. Here’s everything you need to know about it to make your everyday look look like it’s straight off the runway.

  • Straight jeans

Jeans are an essential element in our daily looks, but it is vital to choose them correctly to elevate our style. In addition to looking for a shape that favors us depending on our body type, it is best to choose them straight because the fashion of skinny jeans is slowly being left behind.

A high or medium-waisted straight jeans will be perfect, combined with a basic T-shirt or sweater and an oversized blazer, a quilted jacket, or even a shirt. Sneakers, Chelsea boots, and mules are still on trend for 2022.

  • Socks in sight

For a couple of years we’ve left our ankles uncovered by hiding our socks, but now it’s time to choose eye-catching socks, white or colorful, just like fashion icons wore in the 1980s. Whether you want to have fun with unique prints like pizza slices, hearts, or an animated character, or you prefer to wear them in the same color as the rest of your clothes, the idea is to be eye-catching.

  • Single-color style

Combining colors and textures is an art, but for those of us who lack such talent, the monochrome style has fallen like a glove. And if you want to wear the look of the year, you can try the Pantone color of 2022 called very pery, a shade between blue and purple. The all black, white or beige style is a sure hit.

  • Colorful accessories

To break with a monochrome look it is ideal to add accessories in unexpected colors, for example, a red bag, neon green, or fuchsia or orange shoes. Remember that accessories are the perfect way to complement your outfit, and that it is not only about earrings and bags, adding a belt or hair accessories will stylize your figure and elevate your style.

  • Baggy pants

The 2021 taught us that wide pants stylize any figure, help us to mark the waist and create the illusion of greater height. For these reasons they will be a key element for your street look to be infallible. Combine them with crop tops, shirts, and short jackets, wearing the top inside will stylize your look even more.

Now you know the key elements to wear a magazine street look this year, with simple, but well combined garments will be easy. Keep in mind to adapt fashion to your style to be comfortable and true to your essence, the most important thing to look impeccable is the confidence we have, more than the clothes we wear.

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