Spring-summer trends not to be missed

Por Jyoko

Summer cannot come soon enough for us! Finally, being able to feel the sun’s warmth on our skin, go on visits to the lake, and be able to dress in clothing that is less heavy and more breathable. After the long winter months, though, who among us doesn’t feel that way? We’re lucky enough to be able to begin planning for the spring and summer of 2022, and we’ve already begun stocking up on summer clothing. Our team of fashion experts has compiled a list of the top 10 trends available to consumers in the upcoming season. As much in advance as this: The newly released patterns and hues make the anticipation of summer that much more intense.


In the spring and summer of 2022, denim will be all the rage in the world of fashion. The blue hues that are now trendy should be included in at least one item of your wardrobe, whether jeans, a skirt, a jacket, a dress, or a top. Denim designs are the perfect finishing touch for any stylish casual look, but they may also be dressed for the office.


In this new season, colors that are uplifting and beneficial for your mood are in the spotlight, and one hue, in particular, must not be absent: pink. Indeed, the hue of feminine strength is not for the timid since it will cause all eyes to be on you. Reach for the more delicate tones of pink, which are just as fashionable now, if you want to approach the color gently. 


Would you want your closet to touch the nautical holiday atmosphere? With its so-called Breton stripes, it moves in quickly and takes over! They are the quintessential symbol of French elegance and are often found on shirts. Breton shirts were formerly regarded as essential pieces of clothing for members of the French Navy. However, ever since Coco Chanel took the nautical striped shirts to the runway, these shirts have fallen out of favor in fashion and are no longer required. This year, Breton stripes are triumphantly returning to the fashion scene.


It is time to showcase your more delicate and feminine side throughout the spring and summer seasons of 2022. The romantic style is, after all, one of the most prominent trends of spring! Elements such as intricate flower designs, embroidery, ruffles, frills, and lace come into play during the warm season, making this year more enjoyable for us.


moda veranoThere is no other print that complements springtime quite as beautiful and at the same time is as classic as the floral print! Flower designs are said to symbolize fresh beginnings and emanate a lot of optimism, as stated in VOGUE. Whether they are dainty millefleurs prints or large-scale flowers in an exotic style, flower prints are pretty popular precisely because they come in such a wide variety of styles.


Without dresses, summer would not be the same. They are pretty straightforward and never fail to present a good appearance. Dresses that are somewhat flared at the bottom, such as shirtdresses and maxi dresses, are very fashionable this season. For the spring/summer season of 2022, there is a strong demand for dresses composed of fabrics such as cotton, linen, and viscose, in particular.


Light blue, mint green, lemon butterfly yellow, and pastel pink are some of our favorite colors, and we can’t get enough of them. Sweetening up our summer are tones reminiscent of ice cream, which lend every outfit an additional helping of airiness and vivacity in an instant. “Peach Blush,” a powdered peach tone that complements our summer tans, is the color that everyone seems to be raving about this time of year.

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