No boring ergonomic carrying!

Por María Muñoz

Did you know that babywearing is the oldest way to transport your baby from one place to another? Just make sure you do it ergonomically.

Babywearing allows you to carry your baby without having to use a stroller or hold him in your arms; for it to be ergonomic, both baby and mother must feel comfortable. Constant contact and proper posture ensure its proper use. The baby carrier should be at the right height so that just by lowering our head we can smell the baby’s head and kiss it.

For me, babywearing became a necessity. My baby’s favorite position and the one that allowed him to rest the most was just what this carrying system offered us. Walking together became our daily routine: it made us feel good, and this was reflected in our mood.

Ergonomic babywearing is not synonymous with boredom: choosing the backpack that represents you and is part of this stage will turn those unique moments into your lifestyle. Opting for sustainable products, made with good materials (such as organic cotton), thinking that they are handmade and having the option to choose one or more different designs for each occasion is something unique.

Benefits of carrying on trips

The greatest benefit is that the contact strengthens the maternal bond, maintains proximity, in addition to providing security to our baby. It is said that attachment behaviors are maintained throughout their lives and are the basis for future relationships.

For me, that “Traveling is Breathing”, babywearing is one of the best ways to enjoy traveling. The combination of the benefits of babywearing and the benefits of traveling with our children is a great combination. Here are some of the advantages:

  • With your hands free, you feel more freedom of movement: you can walk around the destination more comfortably.
  • By being almost at the same height as you, your baby has a better vision allowing him to explore the environment and start discovering new objects, people, landscapes…
  • You can climb stairs, narrow paths, hiking trails, etc., reach places whose barriers you could not overcome using another means such as a baby stroller.
  • If you want to go sightseeing or use public transportation a lot on your trip or getaway, portering is the most functional and practical way to go.
  • On the other hand, if you decide to travel by plane and you are carrying your baby stroller (which you must leave in the hold just before boarding the plane and sitting down), you can use the baby carrier: it does not need to be checked in. In case you do not carry the stroller, it is a good option to pass the airport controls and move without stress.
  • Travel makes us change our routines: going in the baby carrier makes it easier for him to sleep. Our touch helps him fall asleep and it may last even longer than what we are used to at home.
  • The energy that our baby consumes is less, so it allocates it to a greater development.

Be prepared to not get bored on your next adventure!

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