Impact outfits for the end of the year

Por Jyoko

While the saying goes that fashion is what suits you, it is true that we all want to a greater or lesser extent to follow trends and be in tune with what happens on the catwalks, on social networks and in magazines, however it is time to use good taste and choose with awareness which of these trends favor and we can incorporate into our looks without leaving our money in the stores and without being victims of consumerism or trendy and fast fashion.

Here is a list of elements to take into account to steal the looks and look like a fashion connoisseur.

1.- Transparencies: The best way to be sexy, show skin in a suggestive way and even be as discreet or as daring as we want. They can be fine lace, mesh, tulle, or fabrics. The balance of the femme fatale or sensual woman look will be given by the tones of the transparencies, the accessories you use and the styling.

2.- Synthetic fur: it causes the same impact as real fur without harming the environment or wildlife. You’ll look like a movie star and can elevate any look in seconds.

3.- Vibrant, neon or matte colors: let’s leave aside the gloomy and dark looks for acid and colorful tones, rescuing a bit of the cheerful spirit of pre-pandemic life. If you don’t dare with full color monochromatic looks, try with accessories and complements such as shoes, coats and bags.

4.- What shines is metal! Be it gold, silver or copper colors, metallics are here in full force. They are no longer exclusive for the night and combined with denim or more casual and streetstyle looks you can light up in the sun.

5.- The rhombus is the PRINT of the season, from preppy to sexy, the rhombus is the figure of this 2022.

6.- Dark jeans, boot cut, mom jeans or flared, the bells are back.

7.- Full body bodysuits, very Kim Kardashian but yes, they are invading the catwalks and streets. Choose fabrics that gather, mold and do not show more than they should. Try to choose a size that fits you well and underwear without seams or folds.

 Shades to include: purple, lavender, buttercream, deep cherry red, neon yellow, light blue, strong mint, ochre.

Extra-long sleeves, with a presence, are still on trend. If knitwear is your thing, knit and knit everything will remain strong, in earthy or warm tones.

Velvet, shiny and combined with tulle or lace and transparencies are a MUST for an avant-garde look, choose to lighten its strength with more casual garments and give it a boost with more stately accessories.

 Tailored suits are here to stay as well as matchy matchy sets of two or three pieces. Cut outs, asymmetrical cuts and different lengths are also the order of the day.

Our last tip: Enjoy choosing trends, combine with things you already have in your closet and if you feel loaded remove some accessories before leaving home.

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