Ideal haircuts according to your face

Por Jyoko

Women have a very close relationship with their hair, given that it is the part in charge of framing the face and automatically giving them a lifting, rejuvenating and flattering effect. A bad haircut can age them, make them look tired, dowdy or unprofessional.

Even though nothing is set in stone and you can get a personalized style tailored to your lifestyle and tastes at the salon, there are standard cuts that suit different face types, here’s a list of what they are:

Elongated face: it is one of the most common physiognomies, women with this face usually have very marked features, thin and angular faces, what is sought is to bring volume to the face and stylize the silhouette, so half manes are recommended, grafilados, long bangs, never discover temples. Stylists usually work with lobs, bobs and square cuts to the chin and if the client wants a long hair, what is done is to keep the length at the back and that the front of the hair comes shaved, soft and layered to add dimension.

Cuts like Jessica Chastain’s, Alexa Chung’s or the popular Sarah Jessica Parker’s are the right ones, your stylist can play with a side fringe and with highlights and baby lights to illuminate and add volume.

Square face: wide chin and forehead, angular and rigid jaw, the cuts are intended to soften the appearance of the face, making it even more delicate and romantic, it is a face that admits bangs, in curtain or soft, not thick or straight. Manes can be long and in waves to give volume and soften the face. Claire Danes and Olivia Wilde are two looks that can be flattering, from romantic long waves to pixies with volume at the crown and side bangs.

Round faces: high cheekbones, voluminous and rounded chin, Selena Gomez, Emma Stone and Cameron Diaz are three of the most iconic faces in this style, all have gone through very different looks but the most flattering are half-lengths in layers, with little volume, straight and long lengths that add length to lengthen the face. Thick bangs and curtain bangs are not recommended.

Oval face: being more symmetrical and harmonious, it allows those who have it to play with many styles.

Triangle face: having a more prominent chin and jawline draws attention to the temples and cheekbones with bangs, waves and layers. Take inspiration from looks like Jennifer Love Hewitt or Anne Hathaway herself.

It is important that you are very clear with your stylist about your lifestyle, how you style your hair, how is your care routine, washing and styling, because that is the real triumph of a haircut, remember that the effect achieved in the salon in the hands of a professional is not the same as the haircare routine you have at home. To avoid disappointments it is best to be explicit in what you are looking for and always trust in the hands of experts.

Sometimes investing more is to ensure that the results are as expected, so research very well the reputation of the salon, the stylist and take references of what you are looking for, listening to the professional with empathy and openness.

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