How to combine prints

Por Jyoko

Fashion used to be much more rigid and was governed by very clear rules: never mix brown and black, avoid combining prints, do not include more than two textures, animal print was only for the daring and so on ad infinitum until, in recent years, with the boom of street style, social networks and changes in popular culture, what was once considered sinful is now allowed and included in magazines, catwalks and in everyday life.

To combine prints like a fashion guru, we give you some recommendations that will make the process of ‘breaking the mold’ and incorporate the trend of mix patterns more bearable.

If you don’t quite dare, start from less to more:

Stripes and polka dots: just as you read, you can take inspiration from celebrities like Emma Stone, a regular of horizontal stripes in black and white and polka dots in the same color palette. The smaller the polka dots, the more unnoticed they will be. This mix is almost always the gateway to combinations. Remember that the bigger the print, the more dramatic the effect, so this will be the key to make the look more night or day.

Stripes and flowers or polka dots and flowers: here the key is to consolidate a couple of colors in the proposal that harmonize the look, flowers are almost always the different print or to highlight and stripes or polka dots behave as a ‘neutral’ or basic, as the base of the look.

The animal print for fashionistas is within the basics such as black, gray, navy or camel, therefore it is combined with all equally, whether stripes, polka dots or even flowers.

If you are still afraid, choose the same print and play with the dimensions of the print, fabric and texture, for example: a blouse with maxi flowers and a skirt with very small flowers in the same color palette, or small polka dots on a flowing blouse, a skirt with maxi polka dots in the same color and with some sparkles of another tone.

How many prints can I mix? Up to 3 or 4 depending on how ‘daring’ you are, the success will always be in playing with proportions, colors and accessories so that it does not cause visual noise.

Other rules that will help you are: keep a focal color or stay within the same tonal range, whether warm or cold. Use discreet accessories in one tone. Keep styling and makeup simple. Small prints go almost unnoticed giving you more freedom of combination, large prints shorten and shrink your figure, so use them with discretion. Take into account your figure when choosing prints, if they are stripes or flowers, if they go horizontally, vertically or asymmetrically.

Finally: be daring, have personality and wear your look with confidence, follow your instinct and if you still have doubts, start mixing with accessories, bags, shoes and complements.

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