First interview, what should I wear?

Por Jyoko

We know that making a good impression in a job interview, regardless of the branch or industry, is key.

Beyond following fashion trends, the important thing here is to look professional, wear clothes of our size, perfectly pressed, clean and that project confidence and security in us.

If you look uncomfortable, tight, or ‘pretending’ to be someone else, your recruiter will notice it and it will be counterproductive. Also think that style is a way of saying who we are without having to talk about it.

With this briefing we are going to compile the best tips that fashion experts recommend for you to put together a winning outfit worthy of the position you aspire to.

Know the industry and the dress code of the company you are applying for.

You may not know the organizational culture in depth, but perhaps the images on social networks or how their employees present themselves will give you some valuable insights to put together the look. If it is a position associated with finance, banking or business, it is more likely that the dress code is more corporate, formal and sober tones, than an advertising agency or a more creative environment such as coworking spaces or technology and innovation companies.

That is the first step, if it is a more conservative industry, it is likely that a workshop, a tailored suit, ‘Chanel long’ dresses, jackets, dress shirts and blouses in white, gray, navy blue, will be the norm. The same with shoes, in more traditional and executive environments, sandals are in a gray zone where they are rarely allowed. To avoid committing a ‘fashion crime’, present yourself with closed shoes, medium heels – thin or thick – to your liking, in dark tones, perfectly polished and clean. Pumps, stilettos, Mary Janes or Pumps style shoes are the most recommended, unless you can wear loafers, moccasins or more ‘masculine’ sneakers (see attached).

If you are going to wear a dress, make sure the length is ‘Chanel’, a couple of toes below the knee, with skin-colored tights. In formal settings, stockings are imperative, unless you know in advance that your immediate supervisor and the other women in the room don’t wear them. But play it safe, nude stockings in summer and spring months, opaque black stockings in cooler ones.

Accessories and makeup should be minimal, highlighting your strong points, do not use outrageous tones, you can choose a simple eyeliner, a nude or coral lipstick.

At the same time, watch how your accessories look before going out, especially rings and bracelets, if they clink or make a lot of noise you could detract attention from your words and distract your interlocutor.

If the mood is more casual you can choose dark jeans, straight cut, with a gray, black or navy blue cardigan and incorporate some prints in the blouse, dots, stripes, checks. Keep it clean and with few touches of color, but reflecting your personality. Here you can wear pep toe shoes or wedges and platforms if and only if you are in warmer months.

Keep hair away from your face, either in a high ponytail, a low bun, or a half ponytail, so you don’t have to constantly fix it or pull it away from your face. Nails should be neat, with discreet polish and medium-low length.

Choosing underwear according to the look is essential, nude tones or similar to your skin tone are mandatory, as well as smooth seams and flat fabrics, without prints or lace that show or mark under the clothes.

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