Fashion for pregnant women

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Let’s break the myth, not everything maternal or prematernal, should have a place in your closet or closet, being pregnant does not necessarily mean changing your style, but rather prioritize materials above all. If you usually wear dresses and skirts, being pregnant should not be a sign to change your look, but to make you aware of comfortable silhouettes and materials.

In maternity style, comfort and practicality should be the way to go. Choose natural materials with soft fibers that ‘give’. Pima cotton, linen, are the most recommended, remember that your skin is sensitive, you may be sweating more or suffering from allergies, rashes and chafing, choose noble textiles that embrace your body without over-tightening, to keep you fresh in any situation.

Shoes should be even more comfortable than everyday shoes, give your feet support and stability, remember that at this stage you can swell and your limbs will suffer if you wear inappropriate footwear. Let your toes have space, wear comfortable and breathable socks.

During the first months:

At this stage you will be able to get away with it and won’t have to sacrifice those looks you loved so much from your pre-pregnancy life. The key is to measure beforehand what you have in your closet, check that they are still comfortable, that they do not cause you major discomfort, think that normally in this first trimester your body begins to adapt and maybe very tight clothes in those days of morning sickness is not the best option, the more compressed you are you may intensify those discomforts.

Take the opportunity to clean out your closet and make a brief review of those clothes that can still be in circulation.

Remember that cotton T-shirts, although they are comfortable, may be the first to leave your closet because they tend to be small. Also check your bra size and invest in some sporty and light tops for these first size changes.

For temperature changes it is best to keep playing with layers, cardigans, sweaters, light scarves, knitted jackets can keep you warm and serve you in those moments, also that game of silhouettes will help you feel more protected if you are still getting used to your newly acquired curves.

Create balance showing your thinner parts: if your pregnant belly steals the attention and you want to feel more confident about your shapes, a super trick used by influencers, artists and models, is to emphasize those thinner parts, your legs, arms or shoulders and do not opt for stretch silhouettes, vaporous fabrics, shorts or bermudas, short or midi dresses will help you to capture the attention to those focal points.

Pleated and ribbed will make you feel very feminine and are perfect for looking much more dressed up, plus, you won’t have to invest a lot of time in ironing them.

Maternity jeans: your best friend

That band of soft, stretchy fabric will be your ally to not sacrifice style while your silhouette and your body adapt to the changes of carrying your baby, this waistband will give you space while keeping everything in place.

If you have baggier shirts or dresses, you can wear them until the end of your pregnancy, but invest in bottoms, skirts, pants, joggers, that will accompany you during the 9 months.

Achieve looks with light, loose silhouettes and keep proportion with accessories.

Have fun with accessories and combinations of tones or prints. You can borrow items from your partner’s closet, button down shirts, oversized flannels or sweatshirts to achieve different looks.

Invest in comfortable bras, with clasps that are also useful if you are going to breastfeed, try to have support, comfort, freshness and that your bust looks great under your clothes.

More than fashion, is to feel confident while your body is changing, choose prints that flatter you and highlight your features, have fun and embrace your new curves, you are creating life!

Do your research on portals, follow mom accounts, replicate looks you’ve always wanted, don’t go crazy with shopping, invest in good quality basics and if you are a fan of t-shirts, just go up a couple of sizes and buy them in your trusted stores and not necessarily in those ”mom” ones.

As an extra tip, because looking good in your own skin is basic: moisturize, use moisturizers, sunscreen and lip balms, your look and your image will thank you.

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