Is it advisable to exfoliate the skin after the summer?

Por Jyoko

We know that nothing looks better than a tanned, golden and glowing skin that makes you look like a celebrity just arrived from a paradisiacal destination, however there are certain cares that we must follow, among them exfoliation.

Surely at this point you want to stop reading and think it is illogical to tell you to pass through your skin an exfoliator, you will surely doubt if that will allow you to maintain the tone you have achieved. But, you’re wrong! One of the ways to maintain that tone is to remove the dead skin that accumulates, preventing the color from becoming more evident.

By exfoliating you improve pore fineness, brighten, repair sun damage and blemishes and promote collagen formation, but this should be done carefully with the right products that are light, you don’t want to cause damage or irritation with harsh creams or formulas.

That said the first step is to identify your skin type, and how it was left after the sun session.

Moisturizing and exfoliating is not the same for oily, dry, combination or hyper sensitive skin. Exfoliating is in turn improving the texture of your skin, maintaining cell production and regenerating tissues. If your skin is oily, you can use a citric acid scrub or an AHA peel with different acids. If it is sensitive, try to use a scrub with fine particles, not so coarse, that drag the cells without being so aggressive.

In both scenarios, moisturizing after exfoliating is mandatory.

The masks that are recommended are those that contain regenerating components, with nourishing oils, epidermal growth factor, snail slime, argireline or those that have in their ingredients minerals such as silicon, gold, pearl or with collagen, hyaluronic acid. It is important to nourish the skin very well, so that it absorbs these components in depth.

If your skin is blemished, sensitive or very stressed, a visit to a dermatologist is essential, as well as a visit to an esthetician to apply stronger treatments dedicated to the skin. From peelings, application of retinol or glycolic acid, laser treatments or nourishing masks, the experts will tell you the steps to follow. A tan is useless if the skin looks damaged and unhealthy.

Do not forget the scalp, it is an important area that is often neglected. Use moisturizing treatments, precious oils such as Marula, Coconut, Argan.

For the skin you can help yourself with homemade scrubs, horsehair gloves, loofas, sponges. Repeat the steps every three days or once a week depending on your skin type, apply moisturizers or oils while the skin is still wet and maintain hydration by drinking plenty of water. Increase your intake of vitamin C, collagen, hyaluronic acid and pharmaceutical or herbal formulas that help cell regeneration and skin nutrition.

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