Must-have looks in your closet: Autumn-winter 2021-2022 trends

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A return to optimism

After two years of pandemic, where fashion was relegated to the most absolute state of comfort and athleisure to be at home, the catwalks seem to be flooded with a more moderate optimism, so the trends will be towards a closet with a little more color, textures and accessories with greater presence, yes, without leaving aside that ‘effortless’ look won in this time of new normality.

Fashion houses are betting on looks a little more armed and worked than in the past Christmas, however, continue to impose those looks that can be incorporated into a ‘capsule’ closet.

That said, we bring you those trends that you can take from the catwalk to the holidays without being a victim of fashion.

Back to celebrate: Prada and the revival of sequins and plush

The brand managed by Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons leads the way in proposing a bolder and more colorful look for the holidays. While tailoring with its perfectly cut silhouettes and conventional patterns is the house’s mainstay, these outfits are elevated to a more playful, fun and playful tone, incorporating fantasy stockings, soft, plush or velvet fabrics and sequins and glitter everywhere! Prada takes the seriousness out of the rigidity of post-pandemic looks to remind us that the holidays are the perfect occasion to dazzle. Gloves are a must and if they can be in more strident colors, so much the better.

Our advice: adapt the trend to what you have in your closet, before going crazy looking for the same look for less, think about what items in your closet can be upgraded to fit this style. Think about sewing some sequin piping on a coat or investing in contrasting colored tights and gloves without falling head over heels into the PRADA LOOK.

Saint Laurent goes with everything: Miniskirt in winter

If any designer wanted to shake off the pessimism of the times of coronavirus was Anthony Vaccarello, who decided to be disruptive to the point of making the miniskirt the protagonist of this collection. How does he do it? Not only by making nods to the 70’s and 80’s but also by including opaque tights along with noble textiles such as Tweed. How does he ensure success in the fight against the cold? By adding plush fabrics, feathers and the like to keep the wearer warm and not so much suffering. Silver intervenes to give just the right amount of sparkle reminiscent of Christmas lights and accessories go XL.

What do we recommend? Enter this trend in a simpler way. Include huge, eye-catching accessories with chokers and stones or crystals and interject a tweed jacket or coat with feathers or fur.

MIU MIU: The comfort of ‘being at home’ becomes more extravagant.

If there’s one thing that’s not missing in our closet, it’s knitted or wool garments, crochet scarves and any garment with ‘grandma’s knitting’, if we add to that the boom of thermal and quilted garments and sprinkle a bit of plush fabric, animal print and vibrant colors, we will have a low cost version of what MIU MIU MIU presented in the Alps in an exaggerated way in the last collection. Warm and knitted scarves were the pieces that the brand chose to transmit that comfort and the security of ‘stay at home’ while providing a quite disruptive proposal.
What is our proposal? Instead of stuffed maxi boots, which can make you look like Bigfoot or Yeti, include the stuffed animal in your maxi bag. And go for it now! A quilted skirt, trust us, will be a must and you can get a lot out of it.

Matches on the catwalks? Lilacs, yellows, greens, the return of color, clean and soft silhouettes, delicate and warm fabrics, high comfort and
schoolgirl platform shoes! They are the kings of trends, so if you want to look like a top model, keep an eye on these notes.

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