9 mistakes we make in fashion

Por Jyoko

We are not exempt from making mistakes when it comes to fashion but we can avoid some ‘crimes’ that can cause us some embarrassing moment or ‘faux pas’ in this matter.

Here is a list of the most common sins:

  1. Not wearing clothes in our size.

There is nothing more uncomfortable than wearing clothes that don’t fit well, that chafe, squeeze or are uncomfortable. Excessively long sleeves, cuffs or sleeves that are not proportionate, buttons that are about to pop off, too tight fabrics that can cause us some malfunction in our wardrobe, are sins associated with choosing clothes that are not quite made for us. Basic advice: measure your clothes, walk in the fitting room and when in doubt, measure yourself one size more, it is easier to send to adjust a piece that fits you big than a small one. Always have a seamstress or tailor available to check your measurements and fit.

  1. Underwear that protrudes under your clothes or even worse, that shows your skin and causes you rolls!

Those eccentricities of showing intimate apparel, leave it to celebrities, fashion bloggers, supermodels… Better to prevent a strap that sticks out or a panty that shows under a clear pant.

  1. Toe stockings with peep toes or sandals.

If you must wear stockings, choose those that are appropriate for the type of footwear you will wear, apply the same rule for the garter or seam of the stockings, they should not protrude under your clothes, in skirt or dress, it is unaesthetic and looks vulgar and inelegant.

  1. The camel toe on leggings

SIN! The same when you wear very thin leggings, of poor quality fabric or transparent, leaving your underwear or your body almost naked, is not only uncomfortable, it is a fashion crime if your intimate area is seen.

  1. Excessive use of athleisure or sportswear.

Yes, joggers, bikers and the popular tracksuit remain on trend, however, you have to know when to stop and in what context to use it. Just because Kendall Jenner or Gigi Hadid wear them with booties, blazers, heels and shiny clothes to go to dinner at a fancy restaurant, doesn’t mean that they fit you like a glove. Let’s leave sportswear for exercise or those days where you want to be comfortable and look ‘dressed up’, sports sets can be an ace up your sleeve if and only if we know how to use them, choose the right fabrics, the size that best suits us and the silhouette that fits us.

  1. Monochromatic look without any criteria

Yes, we know that the total look of a single tone is usually classic, sober, stylish, however there are many rules to follow, from knowing how to combine textures and fabrics so that the outfit does not look boring to choose the warm or cold palette in which we will move. Just because lilac or pale pink are the pantones of the year does not mean that we all look good in them. Here it is essential to understand which tones favor us and in which silhouettes to build that 100% unicolor look. Otherwise you will look old-fashioned.

  1. Mixing too many trends and prints

In theory it may sound ‘fashion forward’ and modern, but in practice you can be a disaster straight to the worst dressed lists, that neons, animal print and flowers are in, does not give you license to incorporate them all in one look, better choose a maximum of a couple of them in your outfit, one dominant and one secondary or one of the two that becomes the statement piece of your look. Here it is best to go to Pinterest, or #FashionInspo accounts to understand how to make that mix, remember, fashion what suits you.

  1. Flip flops or flip flops

Destine their use to the spaces where they belong: at the salon when getting a pedicure, at the pool or beach, on a spa day. That’s as far as it goes. Otherwise, there are summer sandals that are comfortable, made of appropriate materials, not cheap plastic. And if they make the characteristic ‘chaf chaf’ sound against the floor, don’t even think about it! Leave them where they are.

  1. Fashion shoes that are not of good quality

Your feet will thank you for investing in first class products, neat finishes, comfortable soles, appropriate materials for that purpose: walking, strolls, evening events, working days… Never skimp on buying shoes, you are investing in the long run in your welfare, feet, legs, knees, hips, spine and neck will thank you, you will look more stylish and your body will not suffer more.

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