5 Tips to achieve a natural makeup

Por Jyoko

If there’s one thing we all want to achieve with our makeup, it’s to make it look like it’s not even there, and that’s why the natural makeup trend has been around for several years now. But naturally, it’s much easier said than done, because it’s not easy to achieve this look, but with these tips, you’ll have everything you need to get it.

So if your thing is to look like you just washed your face and you look great and without imperfections, these tips are for you, and to perfect this incredible style, because the truth is that you don’t need a flashy and glamorous makeup to look beautiful in the day to day.


The fundamental piece of any natural makeup look is definitely the concealer, which makes a huge and abysmal difference when it comes to covering imperfections, dark circles and wrinkles of all kinds. Therefore, for this style of makeup it is important to invest in a high quality concealer, but one that remains subtle and discreet.

Remember to explore the different shades and temperatures of concealer shades that suit your skin tone and the type of imperfections you want to hide, as it is not the same to want to conceal redness as trying to hide your bags under the eyes.

Textures are equally relevant, there are stick concealers, liquid concealers, and even concealers with highlighter included. To discover the right one, our best advice is to go to a specialized store where you can listen to the advice of experts and try the different products on your skin before buying them.


The golden rule with natural makeup is that the better your skin looks without makeup, the easier it is to achieve a natural look without a lot of product. So before you invest in expensive foundations, look to improve the condition of your skin, so you can have a much easier canvas to work with.

This means having a skincare routine that’s right for your skin type, with exfoliating treatments, moisturizers, masks and of course, plenty of water and good nutrition. All of this will make your process of achieving natural makeup a whole lot easier.


If there is one thing that makes a huge difference in a natural makeup look, it is the presentation of the product, as all powders tend to look more artificial, and do not help to achieve that bare skin look. Therefore, all possible products should be creams, which blend perfectly with your skin tone.


One element that can definitely ruin a natural makeup look is a heavy, heavy eyebrow that doesn’t look natural at all. Even if you don’t have the privilege of having full, bushy eyebrows that already look great naturally, it’s recommended to go for a light eyebrow look.

You can fill them in, but always with light lines that look like natural eyebrows, never with a heavy and opaque product. Also remember that the tone of the product you use on your eyebrows should be a little lighter than the tone of your hair, in case it is dark. On the contrary, if your hair is very light, you can choose up to two shades above for your eyebrow.


The foundation should be light and preferably only cover the most problematic areas of your face, without the need to cover the whole face, obviously blending and keeping the look uniform without showing the areas where there is foundation and where there is not. Choosing the right shade is very important, there are foundations with an undertone for cool skins that tend to pink, while the yellow undertone is suitable for warm or tanned skins.

We hope our tips will help you achieve the natural look you are looking for and above all gain the confidence to show off your natural beauty. Let’s remember that makeup is an accessory, which we use to highlight our beautiful features, not a mask to hide them.

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