10 basics that should not be missing in the closet of a guy

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Fashion is not only an important issue for them, men are increasingly involved in making decisions about their appearance and gradually impose their aesthetic criteria, not in vain metrosexuality was the gateway for many men to stop thinking about ‘what will they say’ and choose to have fun with fashion finding their own style.

Here are ten basics that every man’s closet must have:

 1.- A good suit: without a doubt, a suit in lead gray, navy blue or classic black will be the cornerstone of a man’s closet. A tailored suit, perfectly fitted and tailored, of good quality, with a high drape, tailored fabric, is the equivalent of the Little Black Dress for women. A suit with these conditions will stand the test of time and will be perfect to give men a boost of confidence. It will work for more formal occasions or separately to elevate some looks. If the suit also has a third garment such as a vest, its versatility will grow exponentially. It is key to invest in good tailoring and do not skimp on their care, keep it in a suit holder, protect it from moisture and dust, ensure that the color is maintained for many years and that the fall of the fabric does not spoil when stored.

2.- Navy blue blazer: a wildcard garment par excellence. It can be used for formal occasions as well as to elevate a casual look. It goes well with jeans, khaki pants, sport shirts or dress shirts. It will serve to upgrade any look and to soften a very formal one. If the man in question works in a casual business place, the blue blazer will be his best companion. The same applies to the suit: it must fit well, be in the right size and comply with the two-button rule, so it will be even more versatile.

3.- A white long-sleeved button-down shirt: simplicity and perfection, companion of suits or blazers, it can be used in formal or more casual occasions, as a companion of a cardigan or sweater, or as a friend of a silk tie. The Oxford style is the most recommended for all that it brings to the closet. Make sure it is your size, that the buttons, collar and cuffs close well, that the white looks neat and that it is very well ironed. We advise you to have more than one white shirt and that at the slightest sign of aging, stain or loss of drape of the fabric, take it out of circulation immediately.

4.- Light blue dress shirt: Less formal than the white shirt, it will allow you to wear it with a suit or blazer, with or without a tie, giving more flexibility to your dress. Cotton is the most recommended textile because it deals very well with seasonal changes. If you don’t want to invest in a tailor-made one, buy it in a retail store in your size and make small adjustments at the tailor.

5.- Dark jeans: much easier to combine than light jeans, they can be paired with blazers, blazers, jackets, sweaters and others. They are a classic garment that can not miss. Make sure that the boot is not too skinny or tube so that you have more versatility when choosing a shoe, whether casual or dressy. Invest in a quality denim that will stand the test of time.

6.- A tie: no matter if your look is more casual, at some point you will have to attend a wedding or formal event that requires one. The most advisable is that it is made of silk, cotton or wool, without many details or prints, in a tone that matches the suit you have in your closet. Preferably blue or gray because they are easier to mix than one with a lot of color or black.

7.- White T-shirt: here the important thing is not only the fabric and how well it fits the body, the key is that it is white, spotless and not transparent, that it breathes so that sweat is not noticeable and that it does not wrinkle when wearing it. The collar can be V-neck or round, depending on your personal taste, but do not skimp on quality, after a few washes if you choose a cheap textile the garment will lose color and will be shouting to the four winds that you look scruffy. Pima cotton is one of the most recommended fabrics.

8.- Chino pants: beige or khaki will be perfect for more casual occasions, daytime events or in spring and summer months, they will give elegance and sophistication to your look being less rigid than black pants and more formal and versatile than jeans.

9.- Oxford shoes: in brown and black to get the most out of them. Always clean and polished. In perfect condition.

10.- White sneakers: Without logos or very noticeable marks, perfect fit and incredible quality, invest in good sneakers and keep them clean and well cared for. If the braids get a little yellowish, soak them in peroxide or hydrogen peroxide for a few minutes before soaking them and washing them with mild soap. Bonus: cardigans, coats, polo shirts, leather belt and watch.

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